For more than a century Eva Solo has been refining the way Scandinavians make breakfast, lunch and dinner. The brand credited with transforming Danish kitchens into highly functioning models of beautiful Scandi simplicity is now at Smith & Caughey’s

The fourth generation Danish family business has created functional, high-quality utensils since 1913 – witness the revolutionary bread and meat-slicing machine from 1952. Then, in the 1970s when open-plan kitchens became all the rage, Eva Solo was the first company to produce equipment stylish enough to leave on display.

With their chosen designers, Eva Solo continues to make light work of 21st century household tasks. Now Smith & Caughey’s customers can get their hands on a selection of the simple genius products that Eva Solo has won more than 150 design awards with and, in so doing, make their kitchen just that little bit more highly functioning.

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