The taste of vegetables just got better with the newest flavour of Vege Fruit Sticks from Mother Earth. Real pumpkin joins apple & peach in a fruit and vegetable medley that makes this a delicious new way for children to enjoy the taste of vegetables.  With more vegetable content than fruit per serve, Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks offer parents an additional opportunity to sneak in a little more vege.

Sarah Hanrahan, CEO of NZ Nutrition Foundation welcomes the addition of more veges in the snack aisle of the supermarket. “It’s great to see a vegetable like pumpkin used as an ingredient in a new and different way.”

Pumpkin, Apple & Peach is the fourth flavour in Mother Earth’s Vege Fruit Sticks range which also includes Beetroot, Apple & Berry; Carrot, Apple & Orange; and Spinach, Apple, Blueberry & Banana.

The unique combination of real vegetable and fruit purees wrapped in a soft baked dough is delicious, convenient and something parents can be sure children will enjoy. Mother Earth’s Senior Brand Manager Julia Turner says, “we know kids enjoy our Vege Fruit Sticks and we’re excited to introduce this new flavour which will offer parents a wider selection when it comes to choosing from the snack aisle.”

Mother Earth’s Vege Fruit Sticks have a 3-star health rating and contain no artificial colours or flavours. The Vege Fruit Sticks range including the new Pumpkin, Apple & Peach flavour is now available in selected supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

For more information on this new product range and other delicious offerings from Mother Earth, visit or check out Mother Earth on Facebook and Instagram @motherearthnz

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