The revolution is here!
The world’s first ever Turmeric flavoured coconut ice cream has arrived.

After spending months in our ice cream lab, we’ve produced the perfect cocktail of 4000 years of ancient food wisdom and modern technology to create the mighty Turmeric Latte.

With a sprinkle of black pepper to activate main ingredient Curcumin, ginger and cinnamon for added goodness – you have never had anything like this in your life.

Banana smoothly blending the flavours for a seamless finish, its rich creamy texture holds true to ice cream’s most endearing promise, while the bright yellow colour represents happiness and vibrant health.

Its low sugar content and the potent benefits of its ingredients make Turmeric Latte decadence for the future.

The new proud Kiwi-made flavour is Wahiki Creamery’s latest masterpiece, following its popular ice cream siblings Mango, Matcha, Vanilla and Chocolate. All Dairy free and strictly gluten free (only ice cream in NZ to be Coeliac certified), you will struggle to find smoother, denser, and yummier ice cream on offer.

Made from 100% coconut milk, this guiltless treat comes as premium and decadent as you could possibly dream up with no hold backs.

Only 9.4 grams of sugar per 100grams, you’ll be licking the tub and your fingers without a care for the inches around your waist.

Find your nearest store here:

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