A new type of snack is taking the taste of veges to a new level of delicious – introducing Mother Earth Vege Fruit Bites.

Combining vegetable puree with fruit puree and fruit juice, all in a bite-sized snack, Mother Earth Vege Fruit Bites are a completely new snack option that can be enjoyed by even the fussiest eaters.

Each of the new flavours of Vege Fruit Bites from Mother Earth features a different vegetable:

• Beetroot, Apple and Orange with Chia Vege Fruit Bites
• Sweetcorn, Apple and Pineapple with Chia Vege Fruit Bites
• Carrot, Apple and Peach Vege Fruit Bites

This innovative fruit and vege based snack is perfect for anyone who doesn’t usually like the taste of vegetables as well as those who do.

“We’re always looking for new ways to make veggies taste delicious in Mother Earth snacks and Vege Fruit Bites do just that,” says Julia Turner, Mother Earth Senior Brand Manager.

Mother Earth Vege Fruit Bites feature a simple ingredients list – each bite is at least 25% vegetable puree and 70% fruit puree & fruit juice. All three flavours contain no added refined sugar, no artificial colours or flavours, and are made with vegetarian friendly ingredients. Mother Earth Vege Fruit Bites have a 3-star health star rating.

Packaged in a handy resealable foil pouch, each pack of Mother Earth Vege Fruit Bites provides eight servings. Even better, they’re not individually wrapped which means less total packaging and waste.

Mother Earth is already known for their popular snack range including Vege Fruit Sticks – among one of the first products in the lunch box aisle of the supermarket to feature vegetables. Now, they’ve done it again, adding more vegetables to the lunch box aisle with Vege Fruit Bites.

For more information on this new product range and other delicious offerings from Mother Earth, visit www.motherearth.co.nz or check out Mother Earth on Facebook www.facebook.com/MotherEarthNZ and Instagram @motherearthnz

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