The ultimate event for food lovers is hitting the capital again from 11 – 13 May, bringing with it a smorgasbord of new and exciting things to try!

The Food Show is packed with endless surprises that will only reveal themselves to you by meeting, greeting and eating all that is on offer. However, if you are after some guidance or simply want a place to start, why not try our top picks!

Foods for fussy eaters (Fussy Foods NZ)
This new Wellington based business is all about helping parents with food for fussy kids! They have a blend of raw whole vegetables with no additives and no preservatives, which you can add to any meal to help get in that all-important 5+ a day without even trying (and without the kids noticing!). With onions and garlic already blended into the mix, you get health and flavour in one fell swoop – add them to spaghetti bolognaise, lasagne, risotto, pasta dishes, soups, sauces, savoury muffins, quiches, you name it!

Cranky Goat
Handmade goat cheeses made just across the ditch in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds, using milk sourced from a neighbouring farm. The Lamb family makes these goat cheeses, and each one is named with a family member’s nickname – try The Nanny (for the daughter who worked as a nanny for 8 years), The Nag (jokingly named after the financier who always nags the team), or The Reginald (named for a grandfather who served in a Welsh regiment fighting alongside the Maori Battalion).

Good Chow
Looking for something Kiwi inspired but a little different to try? How about Good Chow Paua Sauce – a savoury seafood paste made from blackfoot paua, dried scallops and dried shrimp!

Healthy pasta
Not an oxymoron! At the Ceres Organics stand, you can buy Explore Cuisine pasta made from black beans or edamame and mung beans so you can have your pasta and eat it, too!

Vegan meat substitute
Plant based eating is on the rise – and at the Ceres Organics stand, check out their new Organic Young Jackfruit! With a taste and texture similar to shredded meat, mingle it with herbs and spices and use it in place of meat in the likes of vegan tacos or burgers.

Turmeric Coconut Oil
Coconut oil and turmeric – two of this decade’s trendiest ingredients, now together in one beautiful blend from Cocavo in its Turmeric and Lemon infusion. The flavours work beautifully in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes.

Bliss Ball Mixes
Want all of the health benefits and bragging rights from eating clean, but can’t be bothered with the work involved? Check out the Bliss Ball Mixes by Clean Mixes – just add wet ingredients, roll and chill. No blender required, dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free. BOOM!

Water Ganache Bonbons
It’s not all about the #healthspo – you’ve got to find the balance with a bit of indulgence too. And if you’re going to indulge, do it right with Water Ganache Bonbons by Honest Chocolat – dairy free, but full of flavour, and each one is like a piece of art! With flavours like Salted Caramel, Manuka Honey & Pear, Raspberry & Ginger, Orange & Black Cardamom or Hazelnut Praline – you’ll have to have one of each!

Maori Street Food
Smoke ‘N’ Float is a gourmet street food fusion of traditional New Zealand and Maori style cooking. They include the use of native vegetation, NZ meats and seafood and they make all their own bread, smoke their own meats and forage their own native vegetation. Try their signature ‘floats’ – fry bread stuffed with delicious ingredients, liked smoked beef with kawakawa, buttered watercress and puha with smoked gravy.

Healthy gut brekkie
Something to Crow About makes a nutritious paleo and probiotic breakfast cereal in Almond, Maple & Cacao flavour – boosted with probiotics to help you with a healthy gut!

Whiskey delivered to your door
In this day and age, you never have to leave your house! Now you can even sample a variety of whiskies with a monthly subscription service from Scotchbox – $100 or $1000 a bottle can be quite an investment, so these guys let you make an informed decision first!

Cut food waste
The Odd Bunch is an initiative designed to help cut food waste, selling funny looking fruit and veges for a whole lot less! Check them out at the Countdown Fresh Market at the show.

Chef quality at home
Look out for Off Duty – meal kits from Wellington restaurants delivered to your door, so you can actually prepare and eat chef quality food at home!

It seems like a lot, but that’s just the start! To check out our picks and more head along by getting tickets from The Food Show Wellington is on at Westpac Stadium from 11th – 13th May.

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