Food Snob is thrilled to announce the addition of three new cheeses to its range of antipasto delights; two gorgeous Goudas and an Aged English Cheddar, now available in a supermarket near you!

Dutch Gouda and Dutch Cumin Gouda

Gouda (or “how-da” as the Dutch would say) is named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands, where traditional cheese markets are still held in the town square every month. Just like champagne must be from Champagne, we believe authentic Gouda must come from this European town, where its rich, unique flavour and smooth texture have made it one of the most popular styles of cheese.

Food Snob’s new authentic Dutch Gouda and Dutch Cumin Gouda are fine examples of this traditional semi-hard cheese, and having travelled here from the Netherlands – you know you’re getting the real deal! This pair make a fine addition to any platter, and are perfectly matched with sourdough, fresh figs and a drizzle of honey, or in a decadent cheese tart for lunch. 200g wedge, RRP $9.99.

Here are two great recipes with Dutch Gouda

Apple & Gouda stuffed chicken breasts

Dutch Gouda cheese tarts

Aged English Cheddar

Food Snob’s Aged English Cheddar is made to methods and recipes that date back many hundreds of years. It is turned and cheddared by hand by a traditional West Country Farmhouse Cheddar maker, idyllically located in England’s rolling Dorset Downs. With a creamy texture and deliciously savoury flavour, it can be enjoyed any way that takes your fancy – on a cracker with an English chutney, or baked into a decadent cheddar scone. 150g wheel, RRP $9.95

Cheddar, bacon and chive scones recipe

Food Snob founder Fiona Prenter says she and her husband launched Food Snob in 2013 to give Kiwis access to authentic European antipasto offerings.

“Here in New Zealand, we’re spoilt for great dairy, but after our travels in Europe, we’ve discovered there’s nothing like the taste of truly authentic cheeses that come from their country of origin and are made the traditional way. Good taste is everything, so we’re always scouring the earth for the best!”

Food Snob’s new trio join its range of nine other cheeses and selection of antipasto pottles. Available at all leading supermarkets, suitable for vegetarians.

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