FIXR, New Zealand’s first app that pairs Kiwis with automotive service providers, is pleased to announce its launch in Auckland.

A New Zealand owned and operated company, FIXR provides an industry first marketplace for Kiwis to find a trusted and suitable mechanic, panel beater or customisation specialist at a fair and transparent price.

It is the brainchild of founders Stan Petrich and Anton Lensvelt who believe that life is too short to spend time searching for the best repair shop.

“Both Anton and I were having difficulty finding suitable car specialists in our areas. That’s why we decided to create an automotive hub for people like us – car owners that want to find the service or product they need, at a fair price and from someone with a track record of quality work,” says Petrich.

With more than 100 registered mechanics and repairers available throughout Auckland, and more signing on every day, FIXR is making it easier than ever to find things like new tyres or car audio systems.

The app allows Kiwis to browse services and book appointments, without having to go through endless phone calls, web searches or shop visits. Users input the description of their car problem or request, desired date and time of vehicle drop off, and relevant photos to submit a job in the app.

Once a job is submitted, people receive estimates and quotes from various service agents indicating the price of the job and the time they can do it. People then accept or decline these estimates or quotes. If accepted, the service agent contacts the person directly or by using the app to schedule the work required. It’s automotive services on-demand.

FIXR also offers a rating system for users, helping others find the best rated service provider for the job.

“FIXR makes it fast and easy to get your car fixed or improved. It makes the service transparent for people and businesses. It reduces costs for vehicle owners that need work done and allows businesses to focus on their core competencies and profitability. It’s win-win.

“We’re confident it’s going to grow fast, and we hope we can offer the service in other locations throughout New Zealand as fast as possible,” added Stan.

For automotive repair agents, the app streamlines the job process, allowing agents to take on the work they want and pass on what they don’t want. FIXR lets business owners and service managers focus on other priorities while the it brings customers directly to them. It also reaches a broader range of customers than conventional marketing strategies, allowing automotive businesses to grow their companies.

FIXR Ratings

Mechanics and repairers are the experts trusted to one of the most expensive, and least understood, human possessions. FIXR ensures users’ vehicles are in safe and trusted hands through a feature where service repair agents are rated and receive feedback on their work and the quality of service.

FIXR Matching System

The app features an innovative matching system designed to understand Kiwis’ automotive requirements and match them with an agent that meets their needs. Tyres? Tuning? Panel beating? Repairs? It’s all in there and the app helps you find the best person for the job.

FIXR 2-Way Communication

Through the in-built chat feature, service repair agents can communicate with car owners to discuss car problems in detail, saving time and energy.


FIXR is now available from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. You can also find FIXR online at Currently, automotive service providers are available in Auckland, additional provider cities and locations will be announced as they become available.

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