A unique product sourced and developed in New Zealand may just change your relationship with food cravings, appetite and hunger.

calocurbTM is a 100% plant-based supplement designed to support healthier food choices when it comes to snacking and portion control at mealtimes.

The world-first product uses a specific New Zealand-grown hop flower extract, developed by Plant & Food Research, New Zealand largest Crown Research Institute.

Commercialised by New Zealand nutrition and e-commerce company cal-curb Ltd, calocurb is unlike anything else currently found in the global weight management category.

Cal-curb Ltd CEO Sarah Kennedy, a 25-year veteran in the health and wellbeing industry, points to the product’s simplicity, all-natural credentials and effectiveness as reasons why Kiwi customers should give it a try.

“The feedback among our triallists has been incredible. We really believe calocurb helps people to feel confident about staying in control of their food choices.’”

“The only guideline is to take one capsule an hour before meal or snack time – up to a maximum of two a day. It’s like a daily vitamin for weight management that fits with the health, diet and fitness goals that work for you.”

“Until now, weight management supplements fell into one of three types – fillers, metabolic stimulants and laxatives. calocurb sits apart from these as a 100% natural product and represents a real breakthrough in the category. It supports appetite, overeating and hunger management, without the twitchiness and bloating of other products.”

“The science behind calocurb is really a story about old meets new. We have long known that bitter compounds can support a feeling of fullness, and now calocurb’s patented capsule delivers our bitter hop extract right to where it’s most effective.”

Kennedy points out that scientists at Plant & Food Research screened more than 900 plants to find the most effective, all-natural bitter compound. A New Zealand hops flower extract came out on top and progressed through clinical testing to become Amarasate – the active ingredient in calocurb.

“Our company’s ethos is to provide high quality, natural and effective products and calocurb ticks all of those boxes,” says Kennedy.

calocurb is available now on a subscription basis at a cost of $59.95 NZD for a one-month supply.

The product is also due to launch in the US in May.

Customers can find more details and sign up at

About calocurb

calocurbTM is a 100% plant-based weight management designed to help manage food cravings and support portion control at meal times.

A world first and a breakthrough product in the weight management category, calocurb’s active ingredient is a specific New Zealand-grown hop flower extract – AmarasateTM – developed by Plant & Food Research, New Zealand’s largest Crown Research Institute. calocurb contains bitter compounds that support a feeling of fullness or satiety and is the result of six years of research.

calocurb is licensed and commercialised by cal-curb Ltd – a new company specializing in nutrition and e-commerce.

Customers are also reminded to always read the label and use as directed. Weight management products like calocurb should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise.

CALOCURB FACT SHEET, just click here:

calocurb fact sheet NZ

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