Restaurant manager Aldo Ortado will win the tenth series of MasterChef Australia, if the history books are to be believed.

According to historical analysis of the makeup of the cooking show’s champions, the average winner is 30 years old, comes from New South Wales and has a name with five letters or fewer.

The research from, which looked at the characteristics of all 212 contestants from the past nine series, revealed that, at the age of 31 and with a four-letter first name, Aldo most closely matches the typical winner, especially as he is also from New South Wales. A restaurant manager has also already won an earlier series, with Billie McKay claiming the $250,000 prize in 2015.

Of this year’s contestants, the likes of Genene Dwyer, 49, and Jo Kendray, 46, stand no chance at all – the oldest winner of the competition was just 38 years old (Julie Goodwin in series one) and only two contestants in their forties have ever made it to the final.

The only winner from outside New South Wales or Victoria (with five and three wins respectively) was series two’s Adam Liaw, a lawyer from South Australia. Meaning it is unlikely that Sashi Cheliah and Kristen Sheffield will claim victory this time around.

As for the winning dish, finalists would be wise to cook seafood for their pièce de résistance. Three winners have made seafood dishes in the final, including last year’s champion, Diana Chan.

Alexander Kostin of said: “History has painted a very clear picture of a typical MasterChef Australia champion and Aldo most closely fits the bill this year. While we can’t guarantee our prediction will be correct, some punters might consider betting on Aldo, rather than the 1.50 favourite Khanh Ong.

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