Hansells provide the savvy shopper with convenience, affordability and nutrition through their range of soups, available at all supermarkets now.

But by far their biggest draw card are flavours. Boasting classic winter comfort with Chicken & Corn and Tomato, Bean & Barley, while also playing on International flavours from Mexican Chicken & Tomato to Miso, Pho with Konjac Noodles, Green curry plus many more.

   Made from natural ingredients, no preservatives, gluten and dairy free.

While each are delicious alone, Hansells recommend their soups as the perfect base for stews and larger dishes.

For example, try adding fresh bean sprouts, coriander, crispy fried shallots and chicken or seafood to their flavourful Laska.  Or tortilla chips, grated cheese and chopped coriander to their Mexican Chicken and Tomato.

RRP $3.60 Available at Supermarkets nationwide.

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