Cathedral Cove Naturals Breakfast range makes nourishing delicious cereals with the most natural ingredients for a great fuelling breakfast

It is widely known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but Cathedral Cove Naturals Breakfast range takes this concept to the next level. With all natural ingredients, the Super Cereals and Lightly Toasted Muesli are designed to give vitality, made with minimally processed ingredients that nurture health and wellbeing, promoting excellent nutritional benefits with exceptional flavours and great texture.

Cathedral Cove Naturals Breakfast range is very low in sugar, and free from refined sugars, dairy, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. They are made with raw, activated or very lightly toasted ingredients to preserve nutritional benefits by keeping vital vitamins and minerals intact.  All cereals have super food ingredients, like chia seeds, goji berries, cacao and coconut for a great start to the day.

The cereals are predominantly plant-based, made from the best ingredients with the least environmental impact, and organic where possible. The Super Cereals come in three flavours all gluten free, vegan and paleo. The Organic Lightly Toasted Muesli is made with oats carefully roasted in local honey and macadamia oil to give a golden flavour and light crunchy texture.

Cathedral Cove Naturals Breakfast cereals are perfectly matched with Cathedral Cove Naturals Coconut Yoghurt, but are also ideal to use in yummy recipes, like smoothie bowls, cookies and slices. The range brings four delicious options: Raw Activated Super Cereal (400g / RRP $15.49), Raw Paleo Super Cereal with Goji and Vanilla Bean (350g / RRP $15.49), Raw Paleo Super Cereal with Cherry and Cacao Bean (350g / RRP $15.49) and Lightly Toasted Organic Muesli (400g / RRP $12.49).

About Cathedral Cove Naturals

Cathedral Cove Naturals is a NZ owned family business, founded by Hamish Pilkington in 2000. Hamish was involved in the family organic macadamia farm in the Coromandel Peninsula before branching out on the quest for an even healthier lifestyle for his family and himself. He began developing his own natural cereals and coconut yoghurts from home as he struggled to find delicious products with all natural ingredients, containing no gluten, dairy or preservatives. The reaction to the products was so enthusiastic he began to manufacture on a larger scale to meet the demand for mouthwatering nourishing natural products.

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