Four iconic bars from Auckland’s best dining street have collaborated on the area’s first ticket-only travelling degustation.

The Ponsonby Winter Series is a four-venue celebration with a food and cocktail match at each.

Longroom, Revelry, Mr Toms and Bedford Soda & Liquor have joined forces to create a unique way for people to enjoy well-known Ponsonby haunts, with a new mid-winter social experience.

Longroom’s co-owner Andrew Roberts admits the four bars have become a little competitive in their bid to have the best pairing.

“Everyone embraced the idea of giving locals an innovative way to enjoy the strip, and now there’s some jovial rivalry as we each create our menus. I’m starting with a snow-themed flute of Veuve Cliquot paired with stout-braised beef cheeks on decadent smoked mash.”

Not to be out-done, Matt Nicholls at Bedford Soda & Liquor reckons the cheesecake and a Kentucky Coffee must surely be the best way to finish the night.

Also on the mini taste trail will be Revelry’s play on words, the Yea Anana Definitely Cocktail, paired with soft shell tacos, a few minutes down this vibrant street is Mr Toms, where a Fuzzy Peach cocktail and Vodka & Lime-Cure Salmon tartar with Smoked Cream Cheese awaits.

“You can visit us in any order on the night. With only 400 metres walk between us all, diners won’t have far to go between venues on this sophisticated bar hop. There will be non-alcoholic drinks on request – it is Dry July afterall,” Andrew says.

“We hope the first event is a huge success because we are already planning the second in the series, planned for the first Thursday in August.”

Ponsonby Winter Series
July 5, 6pm to 11pm
Tickets*: $60 each, and include four cocktails and four tasting dishes (on the ticketed date only). To order tickets go to Eventbrite
Thanks to Red Bull and I Love Ponsonby

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