Meadow Mushrooms is the leading producer of mushrooms in New Zealand, with around nine million delicious mushrooms being grown every week at its Hornby farm in Christchurch.

Most people will never have the opportunity to experience how the humble mushroom is actually grown, as the process is not an easy one. So, Meadow Mushrooms decided it was time to share the mysterious world of growing mushrooms with the school children of New Zealand.

They got to work to create Meadow Mushrooms Growing Kits and even incorporated the Meadow Mushrooms unique fun and educational info-graphics on the boxes. The expertly, hand-crafted growing kits were produced with schools and educational organisations in mind and ultimately to allow children to watch with amazement how quickly mushrooms grow (as they double in size overnight)!

These amazing mini-mushroom farms will enable children to see mushrooms growing first-hand and will help them to better understand the relationship between growing and eating these vitamin B packed healthy vegetables.

Meadow Mushrooms can provide teaching resources with each kit to enhance the mushroom growing experience for kids and provide horticulture education. Each of the growing kits will also include growing instructions and mushroom recipe ideas. The kids can learn now to pick and cook their harvest or they can eat the mushrooms fresh from the growing box.

Once the lid is opened on the growing kit, with the correct watering, the kids will very quickly see their first crop of mushrooms sprouting. All it takes is a few days to see the mini mushrooms appear, which is why these kits are a fantastic example of farm-to-table and will undoubtedly capture the attention of children.

Meadow Mushrooms has a limited number of growing kits to be distributed each year and by visiting their website and completing the request form, they will endeavor to supply the ever- popular kits. Meadow Mushrooms is very keen to ensure that schools throughout New Zealand are able to share the journey of growing mushrooms and allow children to trial this healthy vegetable.



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