Brrrrr. What about this wintry weather? Time to book a mid-winter getaway we reckon. Where would you go?  We’d definitely choose somewhere warm, colourful and easy to get around.
For some fresh inspiration, here are the Top 50 things to pack into that suitcase for your upcoming holiday:
  1. passport and a copy of it – plus have a copy emailed to yourself
  2. visa documents and copies
  3. insurance documents – we love – 24hr emergency assistance response; unlimited medical cover; kids free
  4. driver’s license
  5. boarding passes
  6. phone and phone charger
  7. electronic plug converter
  8. headphones
  9. music player
  10. wallet with local money
  11. credit and debit cards
  12. laptop and laptop charger
  13. camera and camera charger
  14. small hand bag and a day pack for trekking around
  15. limited jewelry (insured with Holiday Rescue)
  16. batteries
  17. good socks and light shoes
  18. sleepwear
  19. medication (diarrohea meds, paracetamol, antihistamine)
  20. a copy of any of your prescriptions
  21. small first aid kit
  22. contraception
  23. tampons and sanitary needs
  24. antibacterial hand sanitiser
  25. small pack of baby wipes
  26. flannel and face scrub
  27. toothbrush
  28. travel toothpaste
  29. a small lockable case for any valuables
  30. mini body lotion
  31. mini hand cream
  32. microfibre travel towel
  33. contact lenses and contacts case plus lens solution
  34. hairdryer
  35. hairbrush, clips and hair ties
  36. small pack of tissues
  37. glasses and case
  38. neck pillow
  39. eye mask
  40. books, magazines, crosswords
  41. iPad or Kindle
  42. phrase book for the country you’re visiting
  43. pen and notebook or diary
  44. playing cards (smaller games like Knucklebones, Monopoly Deal, UNO etc)
  45. small foldable umbrella
  46. sewing kit
  47. sealable plastic bags for toiletries or wet things
  48. extra plastic bags for dirty laundry
  49. mini binoculars
  50. hat, sunscreen and shades (yay, you’ve chosen somewhere warm!)

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More about Holiday Rescue:

Unlimited medical cover, express claims, tailored policies and free insurance for kids are just some of the perks being offered by an innovative new travel insurance company committed to providing better cover for Kiwis.

Holiday Rescue is the newest arrival on the travel insurance block, made up of a team of travel insurance specialists with more than 44 years’ combined experience in the travel insurance industry. CEO Craig Morrison says Holiday Rescue is based off a totally different model from other travel insurance providers.

“Holiday Rescue is built on the ethos of treating people like people, instead of policy numbers or problems. Our policies provide cover for what’s important only, and our commitment to our customers is not to hide behind small print. After many years seeing how other travel insurance companies work, we want to do things the right way for our customers,” he says.

“One of the biggest differences between us and other travel insurance providers is our Emergency Assistance Response. Unlike other companies, if you need urgent medical attention while overseas, we don’t give the job to the lowest bidder. Instead, we go straight to the best provider who we already have an established relationship with.

“Our aim is to resolve any claim within two business days, efficiently and with no fuss. Our packages focus on the safety and health of you and your family, putting medical cover first. At the end of the day, the health of you and your family is more important than anything else.”

Morrison says the one thing customers can be sure of is that Holiday Rescue will not try and wriggle out of claims.

“After so many years in the travel insurance industry, you see travel insurance companies hiding behind their small print and doing their best not to pay out claims. We want to be the opposite – a trusted partner who speaks in plain English and makes it very clear what you are and aren’t covered for,” he says.

“We are challenging the way the travel insurance industry works by offering something completely different, which is so exciting. We’re really looking forward to supporting Kiwis as they travel the world – after all, everyone deserves a great holiday.”


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