Jess Blair is a qualified and experienced naturopath, nutritionist and health and wellbeing consultant. Here are her top tips for nailing Dry July.

Don’t obsess

One of the biggest setbacks in changing our habits is obsessing over it. Not only it makes the journey harder than it actually is, but we also forget that it’s actually good for us.  Stop obsessing. Change your mindset. You’re not being deprived, nor are you missing out. You’ve made a conscious choice to do right by your body (and liver) and it’s no big deal.

Do it in two’s 

Everything is always easier when a mate’s doing it with you. Long hikes, Pilates, and Dry July. Get a mate (or your unsuspecting other) on board and egg each other on when one of you gets weak. It’s also easier to do things with someone who is on the same vibe as you, so you can both indulge in mocktails when you catch up for a goss after work (or sparkling grape juice over dinner).

Find alternatives

Have your alternatives sorted. Whether it’s mocktails at dinner, apple juice or 1Above’s antioxidant and vitamin packed waters, it’s always easier when you have go-to’s. Sort your go-to’s and have a non-alcoholic solution for every occasion. This way you spend less brain power thinking of what you’ll have next and think less about actually having to miss anything at all.

Think of the gains

We spend our lives performing habits. Everything we do is habitual, there’s a reason why we’re called creatures of habit. The hardest perceived part of Dry July is actually breaking your habit of reaching for that glass of wine while you’re cooking dinner or ordering your favourite drink when you sit down at your local. When the going gets tough, think about: how much you’ve saved in dollars, how happy your liver is, the better sleep you’re getting at night, the mental clarity you’re achieving and finally, your bulking will power muscle.


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