The Nestlé New Zealand Health and Wellness Team has developed the Portion Guidance Toolkit to help when communicating portion sizes, balance and variety of the foods we eat as part of a healthy diet.

It has been specially developed for New Zealanders with input from the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation and The Nestlé New Zealand’s own team of registered dietitians. The information is also consistent with the New Zealand Ministry of Health’s Eating and Activity Guidelines.

While balance, variety and moderation might be key to a healthy diet, people’s understanding of these concepts vary widely.

The toolkit includes a fun flipchart that makes it easy to plan a healthy lunchbox, a poster with photos of the correct portion size for common foods and a booklet for more details and ideas.

The portion plates enable you to see the variety and ratio of vegetables (1/2), carbohydrate (1/4) and protein (1/4) that make up a healthy, balanced meal. The booklet contains further information and tips for choosing practical portions relevant to all New Zealanders.

The toolkit is one of a range of resources developed by Nestlé in association with health and education experts as part of their Choose Wellness programme.

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