The question about what to have for dinner is about to get that much easier with the launch of Kiwi Fresh, the latest innovation from the local meal-delivery trailblazers that brought you My Food Bag.

Delicious street eats and Kiwi classic recipes with a twist, designed for urban couples and flatmates, Kiwi Fresh is all about quick and tasty meals at an equally appealing price point.

Presenting fresh bowl and laneway style dinners for three nights of the week, Kiwi Fresh is an impressive jump up from ordinary takeaways or “not that again” meals, yet remains a simple, no-hassle solution for busy people.

My Food Bag CEO, Kevin Bowler, says the service is perfect for busy couples, young families and urban professionals and promises fun and fresh dinner time options

“With fewer ingredients, simple preparation and easy-on-the-pocket prices, we see Kiwi Fresh appealing to those who want something delicious on the dinner table, but don’t have the time to think too hard about it,” he says.

”Featuring easy, café-style flavours and simple, online recipes accessed via the Kiwi Fresh website, it’s like having a street-food festival at your home each week. The three days a week service enables flexible dining options to suit the “out and about” lifestyle of busy urbanites,” says Bowler.

Kiwi Fresh will initially be rolled out across Auckland and the new service has plans to expand fast to other regions. It joins My Food Bag’s extensive food-delivery options catering for individuals, couples and families and their dinner-time needs.

Kiwi Fresh is available at a pocket friendly price point of $59.99 for 2 people for 3 meals or $79.99 delivery for 4 people for 3 meals, plus $10 delivery.

A launch couponing campaign supports Kiwi Fresh entering the market at a highly competitive price. Launch discount coupons are available from hotspots all around Auckland including Britomart Station and along Queen Street.

Kevin Bowler adds, “We plan to grow fast and this couponing price point is about encouraging trial. We think it’s a sharp price that’ll get people through the gate and the quality of the meals will keep people coming back every week.”

Deliveries start from Monday 6th August via partner NZ Post.
The Kiwi Fresh website is open for orders now.

For more information about Kiwi Fresh, visit


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