In true Wahiki Creamery tradition, the little Kiwi start up is on a mission to overhaul the ice cream sector with healthier options that are as decadent as traditional versions of this iconic treat.

Wahiki has developed a new formulation of its first flavour, the humble vanilla with only 7.5g of sugar per 100g. Only 18 months ago when Wahiki launched with the vanilla flavour, it contained 17g of sugar of 100g. The team reformulated it not long after to 15g per 100g.

Now, director Sergio Figueroa says it’s even lower at 7.5g per 100g, with the key to Wahiki’s success being to ensure not losing out on ­­taste, texture or density in flavour of healthier options.

“Reformulating a key component of a food like ice cream is a highly detailed process with meticulous testing. We have a vision of creating New Zealand’s healthiest ice creams but without the compromise that is often associated with these foods, such as taste, texture or flavour.

“The revolutionary aspect of our ice creams, unlike others on the market is that ours such as the new vanilla with only 7.5g of sugar per 100g, is even more dense as any dairy ice cream. It’s thick with flavour and texture, because of the less overrun during the churning process, which is the process of adding air into ice cream to make it fluffy.”

All Wahiki’s 120ml tubs retail at $3.99, are made with premium coconut milk, contain no preservatives or artificial flavours. It is the first and currently only New Zealand ice cream brand to be coeliac certified. The dairy free, vegan, halal and gluten free treat means anyone can enjoy a guilt-free ‘time out’.

Wahiki was established in October 2016 with the vision of creating premium coconut ice cream which could cater to people with many dietary requirements without sacrificing taste and quality. Our ethos is to offer ice cream for all people, everywhere. We are young, ambitious and incredibly hard working and we believe if there’s a will there’s way.  Our coconut ice creams offer the following benefits:

  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Reduced sugar and calories
  • Using premium and natural ingredients
  • The first and only coeliac certified ice cream in New Zealand
  • Certified halal by FIANZ
  • Offers NZ’s only vegan matcha flavoured ice cream
  • Offers the world’s first turmeric latté flavoured ice cream

Wahiki was created so you can enjoy a guilt free time out.


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