Living Goodness is a pioneer of fermented foods in the country, crafting premium quality all-natural raw fermented goodness, from sauerkrauts to kimchi, that add great flavours to any meal.

Peter Kearns and his partner Fiona Dykes launched Living Goodness to share their knowledge of fermented foods, through the most delicious range of raw probiotic foods in the New Zealand market. The idea came from their love of cooking combined with Peter’s own experience with probiotics, which were key to improving his life quality after a serious digestive problem.

Living Goodness started small, like many local artisan food producers; Peter and Fiona began making sauerkraut at home, hand-bottling the first jars and selling at local markets. But in only a few years, they became a Kiwi favourite, and are now available at nearly 250 retailers throughout New Zealand.

Peter and Fiona follow each step of production closely, making sure every single jar meets their high standards. They carefully pick their suppliers and choose the best ingredients. The range is made with locally-sourced vegetables, a wide variety of herbs and spices, Himalayan salt, and live friendly bacteria. Living Goodness’ krauts are fermented for two months in their Auckland-based commercial kitchen, which helps to breed large amounts of good bacteria which are fantastic for health. They also add some different vegetables, such as celeriac, Wakame seaweed, kale and beetroot, which makes them unique.

From a simple product such as the Naked Sauerkraut to their Quick Draw Slaw, a complex, full-flavoured and spicy fermented coleslaw, there is something for everyone to enjoy, ensuring all Kiwis can eat kraut. All products are gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free, and have no preservatives, sugar, colours, additives, or GMOs.

The range is composed of six products:

  • Sassy Sauerkraut (a very flavoursome version of traditional sauerkraut – great with sausages and mashed potatoes)
  • Sum Yum Kimchi (traditional Korean-style spicy kraut – a delicious garnish to any Asian dish)
  •  Heartbeet Kraut (fermented cabbage and beetroot – a touch of colour and flavour for any salad or sandwich)
  • Super Superkraut (a sauerkraut with kale and seaweed – pairs nicely with grilled fish, garlic and lemon)
  • Quick Draw Slaw (a spicy fermented coleslaw – a nice counterpoint on a cheese platter to help cut through the cheesy richness
  • Naked Kraut (simple cabbage and salt sauerkraut – a good addition to stews or soups). 

    Available at Farro Fresh, New World, Pak’N Save, Four Square, healthy food and specialty stores nationwide (RRP $13).

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