My Food Bag & Nadia’s new friend Russell the Brussels Sprout celebrate one of the favourite Kiwi traditions, Roast Dinner by launching the limited edition Roast Box.

The Kiwi traditional roast tastes best when enjoyed with friends and family around the dinner table. No phones or TV, just a good natter. It’s all about creating healthier communities in New Zealand. That means more than delivering nutritious, fresh meals to thousands of Kiwis every week, it’s about bringing New Zealanders back to real, delicious, home grown food.

A time to find out all about what’s been and what’s to come – the good, the bad… and the dad jokes.

Get your family (or friends!) around the dinner table, with a limited edition roast box, and trust us, it’s worth gathering around the table for! Dinner makes families! 

Stunning Winter Fare For 4 People

What says “winter” like a home-cooked roast? It’s the perfect meal to sit down to and share with family and friends, and that’s exactly what we want around this time of year. Our Family Roast includes:

Free Range Roast Chicken & Gravy
Crispy Potatoes & Stuffing
Seasonal Veggies
Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding

To order visit; My Roast Dinner

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