September is Bee Aware Month – a month fully dedicated to celebrating bees!
Not that we don’t do this all year round, but we have an excuse to do so even more during Bee Aware Month.

Apiculture New Zealand has been running Bee Aware Month for 8 years, and it gets bigger and better each year!

This year, we are focusing on bee health and educating the public on how they can help protect New Zealand’s healthy bee population.

Protecting bee health is important – how you can help

Bee Food – One of the easiest ways the public can help bees is by planting bee-friendly gardens in both urban and rural spaces. Bees need food so they can help pollinate our food.

Bees will forage on wildflowers and other bee-friendly plants for nectar and pollen, which provide carbohydrates and protein for growth and energy. Well-nourished bees are more capable of fending off disease and parasites.

Safe spraying – Another way you can bee-friendly is by not spraying your garden with harmful pesticides. First, consider whether spraying is necessary. If you choose to proceed, there are some important things to remember. Do not spray when plants are in flower or bees are present. It is also best to spray early in the morning or at sunset.

To read more about protecting bees from pesticide use, click here.

Hydration – You can also provide fresh, pesticide-free drinking water for bees. Fill a saucepan of water, put pebbles or twigs in the water for bees to rest on while they drink.

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