Introducing New Zealand’s own Bees Brilliance.

Bees Brilliance is a skincare range inspired by honeybees.

With over four generations of beekeeping in the Cropp family, Julene and Matthew founded Bees Brilliance with a vision to create a range of skin care products combining the finest natural ingredients that work as effectively as the bees do in their hives.

Manuka Exfoliating Cleanser RRP $31.99

A gentle yet effective exfoliating cleanser, to help remove dead skin cells without stripping the skin of its essential oils. Manuka Honey: A liquid golden humectant, rich with natural sugars, amino-acids, and vitamins. Manuka Honey is revered for its scientifically-proven skin healing properties. New Zealand Manuka Oil: Renowned for its potent anti-microbial and anti-acne properties. Pumice & Walnut: A blend of two mild exfoliants, to manually assist removing dirt and dead skin cells. Biodegradable as well as renewable, unlike the plastic micro-beads.
Recommended for twice weekly use, and suitable for oily and combination skin.

Original Manuka Honey Mask RRP $54.99

This melting honey mask works to restore, replenish and comfort skin
formulated with 40% active New Zealand Manuka Honey. Bee Pollen Oil: A nutrient rich organic oil, loaded with lots of vital proteins to help restore a natural healthy glow. Glycerine: Vegetable derived a natural humectant drawing and keeping moisture in the skin. Meadowfoam Oil: Locks in skin’s natural moisture to help prevent dryness and soften the skin.

The perfect pre-special occasion treatment to make skin feel soft, smooth and supple.
Recommended for twice weekly use, and suitable for oily/combination ski Bees Brilliance have two skincare ranges, the Manuka Pre-Empt Collection and Skin Brightening Collection, available at selected pharmacies nationwide and online

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