I Love Food Co, who make a delicious range of gourmet pies, is pulling out all the egg puns for its latest Limited Edition pie. Made with Otaika Valley free range eggs, and free farmed manuka smoked bacon, the I Love Pies Bacon & Egg Pie also has delicious tomato relish.

“A perennial favourite for Kiwis, the classic Bacon and Egg pie is akin to a national treasure, so we had to do this heritage justice,” says co-founder Maree Glading. “Bacon and egg pies are something generations of New Zealanders have grown up eating, especially on picnics. They are the perfect tasty and filling breakfast, lunch or dinner – they seem to be able to hit the spot any time of day!”

“Our version is made just like you would at home, with the whole egg, and unlike some other commercially-made bacon and egg pies we don’t use egg ‘extenders’ or egg substitutes. There’s nothing in our pies that you wouldn’t find in your pantry at home.”

I Love Food Co. works with a range of New Zealand food producers and this time they have collaborated with Otaika Valley Free Range Eggs as they align with the egg supplier’s ethics and practices.

“The team at Otaika Valley are very happy and proud to supply I Love Pies with our premium free range eggs for their new mouth-watering creation!” says Willam Sandle from Otaika Valley. “We are on a mission to get more kiwis eating free range eggs, and this delicious pie is a great way to showcase them.”

The Bacon & Egg pie is made with the I Love Pies delicious sour cream pastry, and is available in an individual 200g serving. No I Love Pies products contain any MSG, palm oil, preservatives or artificial flavours or colours.

Find the new I Love Pies Bacon & Egg Pie in the chiller section at supermarkets nationwide and gourmet food stores.

In addition to making pies and sausage rolls, I Love Food Co. also make a range of cookies and pastry under the I Love Baking range. More delicious products from the award-winning company are coming out soon.

RRP $4.99

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