The Waikato Home and Garden Show is heading to Claudelands Event Centre from October 4 – 7 and if you’re on a mission to create your dream home, renovate, ramp up the value of an investment, or simply freshen things up a bit, you’ll find everything you need under one roof at this year’s show.

As well as some great show-only deals, there will be over 450 exhibitors and 11 special features on hand so that you can find out about exciting new products, stylish trends, innovative ideas, and top quality service providers to help make your project a reality.

The Waikato Home and Garden Show is kicking off at Claudelands Event Centre from October 4-7 and we caught up with the show’s Event Director, Rebecca Hannah, to find out what’s trending on the home, garden, and lifestyle scene!

Q. You must have witnessed some trends come and go through your years directing the Waikato Home & Garden Show, what have you noticed about lifestyle trends in recent years?
A.There is definitely a renewed enthusiasm towards DIY, renovation, decorating, and furnishing. Lots of visitors come to the show purely to talk to experts about getting their home projects sorted. Whether it’s talking to a paint specialist about injecting colour, getting the best show deals or finding out about how to get the most out of your renovation – we’ll have everything from revitalising your kitchen with Prestige Finishers, to dealing directly with the builders to sort your renovation requirements with A Cut Above Building.

Q. We are living in the year the plastic bag was banned! Are people as passionate about helping the environment when it comes to their homes?
A. Firstly, what a time to be alive! If you’re environmentally conscious, and you’re doing up your home, there are some fantastic options out there for you. A major thing we are seeing is a change in the way we build and heat our homes, people are saving money on power and being gentle on the environment at the same time. We are also seeing a massive surge in recycled materials, such as carpet, and at home sustainability, think home composting bins. If you’re living in an apartment, or high-density area, it’s all about vertical gardening – a great way to use up space and create that stylish effect.

Q. What do you think the colour and decorating trends are at the moment? Is it true that Scandi is out?
A. If I have my interiors hat on, you should never focus on what’s trending, but rather what you like! If we’re talking trends, which we are, then yes, we’re moving away from minimalism and Scandinavian-style. People are becoming more adventurous, bringing back colour and clutter in their decorating. We are seeing big pops of colour through appliances and fittings, we’ve got painted baths, bright yellow range hoods and you can’t go past a retro Smeg fridge.
We are seeing a huge trend towards ‘green living’, bringing plants and greenery inside to make our houses feel like an oasis – people are realising it’s okay for our houses to feel lived in!

Q. Technology-based, innovative designs for housing are taking the world by storm, what have you seen that’s exciting?
A. We have some great exhibitors at the show this year who are doing really ground-breaking stuff and houses are getting smart. To get a full picture of just how far you could go, the Samsung Smart Home will be showcasing the capabilities of a fully connected home – think controlling alarms and heaters from your phone, robotic vacuum cleaners and more.
There are also some small New Zealand businesses doing interesting things in the ‘smart house’ field. eHaus, an award-winning company for energy efficient home design, builds homes that remove 98% of pollutants from the air, and save homeowners up to 90% in energy costs. Another exhibitor, Ata Touch, creates smart homes that target the energy management and automation of climate control, water heating, and lighting.

Q. What do you think is an important product feature people look for when they’re at the show this year?
A.As people’s lives get busier and busier, convenience is becoming very important. They want smarter and more efficient ways of making the most of the time they have at home with their friends and family. The new Samsung smart fridge has a screen on the front, and you can use it to order groceries directly from the Countdown app and have all of your notes and diaries in one place – how easy is that for busy families?

Q. What are the top renovation trends that are popping up?
A. For years New Zealand homes have been lambasted for being cold and damp, and it turns out Kiwis have had enough! Jon Ilffe and Baden Brown will present a seminar at the show that advises visitors on how to renovate their homes so they are healthier, more comfortable, and more energy efficient. Steve Wong will also be there to present a seminar informing visitors about asbestos risk management.

Q. Tiny houses and the downsizing movement have been a hot topic these days. Can we expect to see tiny house exhibitors at the show?
A. Absolutely. Tiny houses are definitely a hot topic still, and are great options for people looking to get into their first house. We are also seeing lots of people looking into adding some extra rental value to their property and sleepouts and pods are a great option when it comes to this. Just pop it in the backyard and then when you’ve had enough, because it’s not a permanent fixture you can simply sell it. You can have a chat to Sanders Cabins and Nadloc at the show for more information.

Q. ‘Housing crisis’ are two words that really get everyone going, have you seen anything aimed at combatting this?
A. I think the most major break-through for the housing crisis would be from building modular homes – speed and how fast we can build homes is the question on everyone’s lips. TDM Homes currently has a 10 – 12 week process from the initial consultation to construction and landscaping being completed, but they are aiming to get it to eight. The most exciting thing is that everything is done in their custom-built Cambridge factory and the final on-site stage happens in only two weeks! In this time, the houses are basically stitched back together. TDM Modular Homes are looking to work with Housing NZ and Kiwibuild and they reckon they’ve got a lot to offer.

The Waikato Home and Garden Show is the largest in the country of its kind. It is the one-stop destination for all of your renovating, decorating, landscaping, and general home improvement needs!

Waikato Home & Garden Show 2018 ; 4 – 7 October, Claudelands Event Centre
Tickets are on sale now, available at


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