Danny’s Pita Bread introduced pita bread to NZ in 1988 and soon became a Kiwi favourite.

For 30 years, Danny’s Pita Bread has been baking the freshest and most authentic pita breads. Still free of additives, GMOs and preservatives after all these years, Danny’s prides itself in supplying Kiwis with pita bread that uses the same family recipes that have been passed down through generations.

When Danny Eliahu arrived in the country with his family in 1988, he wanted to introduce New Zealand to the freshness and versatility of pita bread. Danny’s son Yaron now heads up the business and has continued using the same authentic, centuries-old family recipes. “We make it the traditional way, using the finest natural ingredients, just like it’s been made for generations in our family”.

Yaron is a food enthusiast – and has very high standards. He is passionate about the way food is prepared and presented and a perfectionist with his entire product range; it has to have the correct structure, strength, flavours, smell and taste; and if it’s not good enough for his family, it’s not good for his customers either.

Danny’s Pita Bread is made using 100% natural ingredients, without cutting corners or compromising in quality. Each pita bread is made from a single pressed ball of dough, making the pocket much stronger to hold food and sauces.

To enjoy the freshness of Danny’s Pita Bread for longer, it is better to either eat it on the day of purchase or store it in the freezer to use later. The frozen pita breads can go straight into the toaster for 1 – 2 minutes to recreate the freshly baked look and taste. Pitas are a great product to have at home at any time to fix kids lunchboxes, make sandwiches, pair with soups or to create tasty pizzas. The Garlic Filled pita is a simple way to have delicious garlic bread ready in less than 5 minutes – straight from the pantry or freezer into the toaster.

Danny’s Pita Bread is baked daily for ultimate freshness. They can be found fresh in Auckland, and are available nationwide in long life packs that maintain the freshness of the pita breads for longer. The pita bread range offers nine products, including the best-sellers: Original Pita (RRP $4.29), Mini Original Pita (RRP $4.29), and Garlic Filled Pita (RRP $4.59). They are available at participating supermarkets and specialty food stores nationwide.

Visit www.pitabread.co.nz


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