Proper Crisps is expanding their award-winning Potato Crisps range with a twist on the ‘Kiwi classic, Onion’ in their latest addition – the premium Onion with Green Chives crisps.

Well-crafted flavours speak for themselves, and this delicate combination of gourmet onions, chives and Marlborough sea salt will definitely tantalise taste buds.

“No onion dip required”, says Head Potato Mina, “this is the real deal!”

Committed to making potato crisps the traditional way, Proper Crisps source their potatoes from Proper Potato Farmers from Temuka all the way to Pukekohe. Each spud is then lovingly hand-sorted, scrubbed and trimmed. They are sliced to optimum thickness by Bing and the team, and hand-stirred in small batches by talented cooks like Keegan and Pete.

Then Lianne makes the flavour magic happen! The person in charge of each batch is so proud of what they do that their name is printed on each pack – when the cook changes, the name on the packs changes too.

Known for their unique and adventurous flavour combinations, Proper Crisps have created their Onion with Green Chives crisps using only simple, real ingredients and high quality, artisan flavours anyone could find in a home pantry or vegetable garden. Proper Crisps stay true to the philosophy that snacks should be real food, so their whole range is 100% natural, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, GMO-free, with no MSG added ever. They are also lower in salt and fat.

Proper Crisps Onion with Green Chives (150 g / RRP $4.19)  available nationwide now

Ned and Mina are the creative force behind Proper Crisps. They’ve been at the helm, invigorating the nation’s taste buds since 2010, and have nurtured the company from seed to success. Proper Crisps believe that crisps can be “real food” and were tired of settling for over-processed, artificially flavoured potato chips so decided to create their own.
In 2007 Ned and Mina travelled the world in a quest to find out how to make outstanding crisps. When they came back, they set forth sourcing the finest New Zealand potatoes, best quality sunflower oil and started working out how to make great crisps using an old traditional crisp fryer found in the USA. After extensive experimentation, Proper Crisps succeeded in making a product that everyone was extremely happy with and decided to call them “crisps” rather than “chips” to make the distinction between their hand-cooked crisps and mass-produced chips.

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