Three cheers for the humble nut and everything these plant-based powerhouses have to offer.

To celebrate World Vegan Day on Thursday November 1st, Alison’s Pantry is cracking open the benefits of nuts for a vegan diet.

From crunchy cashews to ground almonds and rich buttery macadamias, Alison’s Pantry makes it easy to add taste and goodness to any vegan dish. Try soaking cashews to make a creamy curry sauce, tossing peanuts through a stir fry or using brazil nuts to make scrumptious vegan burger patties.

“Eating vegan is more than just taking animal products off the plate. It’s about getting creative to make meals exciting and enjoyable. At Alison’s Pantry, we source nuts from all around the world to bring you unique and delicious options such as cashews in skin,” says Alison’s Pantry nut expert Kris McCalman.

Alison’s Pantry has over 30 different nut options in the self-section department.

“The most popular nut in our range is the cashew, which are also one of the higher protein nuts,” says McCalman.

Nuts are not only a great way to add taste and texture to meat-free meals, they are also packed full of plantbased protein and other dietary benefits such as fibre, vitamins and minerals including mood-boosting selenium.

“It can be challenging to get enough protein in a vegan meal. When people aren’t using protein-rich animal products, it is important to combine a couple of plant-based alternatives to make sure you don’t miss out on great nutrition. These alternatives include great tasting plant-based sources of protein such as grains, legumes and nuts,” says New Zealand Nutrition Foundation dietitian Sarah Hanrahan.

Adding nuts to vegan meals is one of the ways to top up the nutrients you might otherwise miss out on, including protein which is important for the health of your muscles, hair, nails, and heart. Try adding nuts to a vegan-friendly pesto, banana bread or fresh summer salad.
If those aren’t enough good reasons to enjoy nuts, eating a plant-based diet is also good for the planet as it takes less energy to produce plants than meat.

As well as every nut you can think of, the Alison’s Pantry range includes a huge selection of other plant-based deliciousness including quinoa, lentils, seeds and dried fruit, all available at Pak’NSave and New World supermarkets nationwide. Plus, the ability to pick and choose products from the self-selection bins means you can get the exact quantities you need to enjoy a meat-free meal.

Alison’s Pantry is calling on plant eaters and meat eaters alike to go to the self-selection department in Pak’NSave and New World supermarkets this World Vegan Day, to get all the plant-based goodies you need to whip up something deliciously nutty.

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