Lovers of luxury ice cream have a new reason to celebrate (as if they really needed one).

Kiwi ice cream maker, IndulgeNZ, has launched a stunning line-up of ultra-premium and luxury ice creams, sorbets and desserts. Each one is lovingly hand-crafted in Waihi, in New Zealand’s golden triangle, from all-natural quality ingredients – including organic A2 milk – using traditional artisanal techniques.

IndulgeNZ artisan ice cream is an unabashed anthem to the excellence of New Zealand dairy. It starts with milk sourced from Matamata’s award-winning Jersey Girl Organics, a herd of justly celebrated pedigree princesses who spend their days grazing on lush Waikato pasture. Organic production methods don’t allow for any shortcuts to be taken. No artificial fertiliser is used on the paddocks where Jersey Girls tread: just patience, commitment and an enduring trust in nature that yields remarkably rich and exceptionally creamy high-protein A2 milk.

To that rich creamy base, the perfectionists at IndulgeNZ then add carefully selected, authentic, single source ingredients like organic sugar, 100 percent Pure Heilala bourbon vanilla beans, honey-infused Turkish figs, dark Belgian chocolate and raisins soaked in rich dark Cuban rum. And then swirl gently to achieve a smooth texture that carries those tastes sweet, sharp and tangy from the tip of your tongue to the back of your palate, releasing them in waves of delicious flavour.

Quality ingredients and production methods that respect and honour natural processes are only part of the story. The real secret that underpins every mouthful, the heritage of IndulgeNZ, is the passion that founders John and Barbara Thomas bring to their craft. They have been patiently perfecting the art of ice cream making for decades and since 2010 have been supplying New Zealand’s leading restaurants with decadently rich, smooth-tasting, gorgeously textured ultra-premium ice creams and sorbets under the Thomas’ brand. Now it’s time to bring the same decadently delicious fine dining experience to dinner parties, celebrations and special occasions everywhere.

“It takes love, care, attention to detail, quality ingredients – and a remarkable palate – to create ice cream as good as this,” says Barbara. “If you want to make the very finest ice cream you must use the finest ingredients – only the best stuff.

“But our real point of difference is John’s palate – and his patient persistence. Sometimes a new flavour can take a lot of fine tuning and minute adjustments before the taste and texture are right. John won’t rest until he’s hit the mark. And then I can confidently say to anyone: ‘This really is the very best ice cream in the world!’”

IndulgeNZ ice cream comes in 475 ml containers, each containing 4 delectable servings – it’s a taste to gently savour, not devour. A word of warning though: hide your IndulgeNZ; don’t share it with the kids. That’s in part because some flavours do contain alcohol, but principally because IndulgeNZ is a grown-up experience, one best shared, with love, by consenting adults.

Indulgenz ice cream, desserts and sorbets come in a wide range of exceptional flavours, each one a masterpiece of full mouth taste. Here’s what’s currently stocked, with more to come:

Ice creams

  • Double Coffee Hit
  • Double Fig and Honey
  • Salted Caramel Crunch
  • Rum and Raisin


  • Classic Tiramisu
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Boysenberry Cheesecake


  • Blackcurrant Sorbet

IndulgeNZ is available now from leading supermarkets and speciality retailers with a RRP of $8.95. Visit and our Facebook and Instagram profiles to stay up-to-date.

About IndulgeNZ
Founded by John and Barbara Thomas, the Ice Cream People, IndulgeNZ makes distinctly luxurious and refreshingly smooth artisan ice cream, sorbet and desserts. Our ingredients are all carefully selected, authentic, single sourced and hand crafted with love in New Zealand. Our all-natural ice cream is made exclusively with premium cow’s milk containing A2 protein from award-winning, heritage farmers Jersey Girl Organics.

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