Alexandra’s Fine Foods is a premium food manufacturer with a passion for spices and a wide variety of products based on premium ingredients. One of their main ranges is a delicious selection of ready-to-cook meals that makes cooking so easy, simplifying kitchen prep without compromising on flavour or nutritional benefits. The range evolved over the years with several exquisite options, and the latest meals include two quick-to-cook bean dishes – Moroccan Bean Tajine and New Mexican Chilli – to cater for busy customers looking for plant-based protein and the same convenience and taste the range is known for.

Their meal products are in a category of their own – ready-to-cook gourmet meals that are quick to prepare but need few, if any, extra ingredients, and most can be cooked in 15-20 minutes. “Our customers still have to contribute to the cooking but only in a small way – it’s an important distinction”, comments Raele Kinsella who developed Alexandra’s ready-to-cook recipes.

The company is run by Raele who designed the meals in response to the gap she saw in the market for quality ready-to-cook meals. “The products were developed around our busy customers’ demands – and they told us they wanted quick and easy gourmet meals and side dishes, vegetarian options and good honest food with the high quality ingredients”, she adds.

Alexandra’s use their own spice blends which are unique because of their exclusive proprietary recipes and preparation; they stone grind their spices retaining all the quality, flavour and aroma. Customers also love the see-through bags that let customers see all the ingredients being used in the meals.

Alexandra’s ready-to-cook meals are perfect to have in the pantry for a quick nutritious meal for the family or entertaining guests, and are also handy for campers, hikers, and other outdoor activities’ enthusiasts as they are light to carry, nourishing and just need water added. The range offers unique flavours in each of the thirteen meals, with excellent value – prices are usually under $10 with 3-4 servings per pack.

Available at the deli section of New World, Pak’N Save, Farro Fresh, Moore Wilson and all major delis.

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