Cleaning up the Cleaners– Living Green has launched New Zealand’s Most Natural range of home cleaning products that are kind to both the skin, your home and the environment. Only available at Countdown supermarkets, the range covers all areas of the household including kitchen, laundry and bathroom.

Made in New Zealand* and certified by arguably the toughest Natural products certification authority in the world (the United States Natural Product Association certification), Living Green products are incredibly effective while also being safe enough to eat or drink without any after-effects (but please don’t try this at home!).

“Our biochemist and product development team has worked for five years to identify how it can produce the most natural household product range available. One key challenge we noticed was that people believe natural products don’t work as well, so we had to overcome that when we were developing our natural formulations,” said Living Green CEO, Grant Leach.

“This has been the year when we have finally been able to deliver on that ambition through Countdown stores.”

28 products are locally made in an ISO and GMP manufacturing process that is harmless to animals or plant life when washed down the waterways. *The other two products are made in Europe using our formulation as Living Green couldn’t find anyone in NZ who would meet their requirements.

The products come in three different fragrances Eucalyptus and Mint, Lavender and Aloe and Lemon and Tangerine, plus a Rose Geranium fabric softener, and fragrance-free options for sensitive skins.

The calming blend of Lavender and Aloe will leave your washing feeling replenished. Made from organic Lavender, Aloe Vera, Kanuka Oil and Kiwifruit extract, the Living Green Laundry Powder has a unique formulation to remove dirt and stains.
RRP: $7.99 1kg $14.99 2kg

While the zesty pairing of Lemon and Tangerine is sure to leave your household surfaces feeling refreshed, the Living Green Multipurpose Cleaner is perfect for disinfecting areas where dirt, grime or spills have gathered.
RRP: $6.49 500mls

Create clean and sparkling dishes with the Eucalyptus and Mint Living Green Dishwashing Liquid. Made with organic Eucalyptus oil and organic Peppermint, this dishwashing liquid is kind to sensitive skin.
RRP: $7.99 1L $4.49 500mls




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