Fête is French for party, and that’s precisely how the Mission Estate team plan to celebrate the news that its Fête has been awarded 5-stars in the coveted Cuisine Wine Awards.

The award winning Fête is the perfect summer aperitif, with vibrant flavours of white peach, pear, honey and citrus, it resonates of warmer months and the festive season ahead.

Mission Estate’s Winemaker, Paul Mooney says, “Our Fete is hand harvested from our Estate grown Pinot Gris and Chardonnay vines, pressed gently in a traditional manner before becoming part of a cuvee blend, which helps ensure consistent quality year after year. A portion of the cuvee is barrel aged, and approximately 90% of the blend is organically grown.”

A total of 96 wines were entered in the Sparkling Wine category, with the Cuisine wine-tasting panel awarding just nine wines with 5-stars. The renowned award sees the Fête fit to wear a prized ‘Recommended by Cuisine’ sticker.

Enjoy Fête with celebratory style canapés such as smoked salmon blinis or simply pop open a bottle to mark a special occasion with family and friends.

Mission Estate Fête is available nationwide, RRP $20.00

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