Gluten free customers can indulge in smashed avocado, nachos, eggs Benedict, chocolate muffins and more

According to The Coffee Club Hobsonville, there has been a steady increase in the number of customers asking for gluten free meals over the past year. However, many gluten free Kiwis are still surprised when they realise just how many dishes they can order from a café menu.

Greg and Rebecca Bauarschi, owners of The Coffee Club Hobsonville have responded to demand by making gluten free options as accessible as possible for their customers.

“We have a loyal following of customers that come in and order gluten free meals on a regular basis,” says Greg. “Since we opened the café in early 2016, we’ve noticed the demand for gluten free options increasing so have tried our best to offer a menu that is all-inclusive.

“Customers often ask for gluten free because they’re dealing with celiac disease – having that option available means that friends and families can continue to eat together, even if one of them can’t eat gluten,” he adds. “Other people simply enjoy the health benefits of eating gluten free. We make sure that gluten free menu items are light, fresh and tasty, meaning that anyone can enjoy them, whether they have a health condition or want to avoid gluten for another reason.”

There are a variety of gluten free meals available at the café from our menu and sweet treats that can be purchased from the cabinet.

All gluten free options are clearly labelled on the menu at The Coffee Club Hobsonville (look for the GF symbol). Staff are also happy to make a customer’s choice of meal gluten free if they can. Customers are encouraged to ask the team if there is anything on the menu that they would like to eat as a gluten free dish.

Along with the gluten free meals, The Coffee Club Hobsonville has recently expanded its range of vegan and vegetarian options. A number of drinks and dishes are also dairy free.

“Meeting the needs of our customers is of the utmost importance to us,” says Greg. “We want anyone dining with us to have a great experience and not to miss out just because they need to stick to a restricted diet.”

The Coffee Club New Zealand is one of the country’s largest and fastest growing café brands with more than 60 stores across the North and South Islands.

The Coffee Club stores can be found throughout both the North and South Islands. For more information visit

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