You can’t delay hydration and recovery. The people who enjoy 1Above – always-on
achievers who push themselves and their teams – rely on its natural, scientifically proven
formulation to help their bodies keep up the pace, at any time of day or night.

1Above is the way they recover from travel, from hard work and from hard partying.
But keeping a spare bottle of 1Above on hand can be a challenge, especially if you’re
travelling, working late at night or working on that pitch document in a New York cafe.
Luckily, water is easy to find – which is why 1Above has introduced 1Above Effervescent

These new tablets still have the same natural, scientifically-proven ingredients to deliver
high-performance hydration. A single 1Above tablet in a tall glass of water provides the same recovery power as the original formulation – and all you need to do is add water.

1Above tablets dissolve fast, and Chief Executive Regan Hill is proud of the new formulation and its ability to keep up with his customers.
“Our new recovery tablets include the super antioxidant Pycnogenol. It’s the most scientifically-researched pine bark extract in the world. About 420 published studies consistently show it helps the body cope with fatigue and boosts recovery.”

“Our customers live fast-paced, high-energy lives, and one of these tablets a day in 500ml
of water can help them keep up with their lifestyle.”

Your body is like any machine. When it burns energy there’s an exhaust fume. For bodies,
that’s free radicals. They build up, can do damage to your cells, and lead to fatigue and
other symptoms of stress. Your body can cope with them at normal levels, but if you’re really pushing things you can overload the system.

That’s why 1Above is so effective.

“Its antioxidant ingredients literally hoover up all these free radicals so you can help your
body keep up with you.”

The new 1Above Effervescent Tablets are gluten-free and come in two new flavours: lowsugar berry and sugar-free citrus flavours.
Each tablet delivers:
– 8 vitamins
– 6 electrolytes
– Pycnogenol(French maritime pine bark extract), the clinically-proven super antioxidant

As well as helping its high-stress power users, 1Above Effervescent Tablets help the planet.
Each easy-to-carry tube of 10 tablets delivers the same effect as 10 ready-to-drink plastic

1Above Effervescent Tablets are available online at, leading pharmacy
stores, Torepdo 7 and Countdown. The new tablets are just $26 per pack of 10 tablets – a
20% saving on 1Above bottles. The tablets are lso available in packs of 20, and a convenient bag-sized pack of 4.


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