This is Nut Brothers latest and greatest idea yet! Bigger jars of our favourite nut butters. Their all-natural Super Crunch and Super Smooth Peanut Butter is now available in 500g jars. Get on in there and indulge.

The 300g jars just weren’t enough for Nut Brothers’ fans, so they’ve gone and bumped things up a notch. Each jar is made using the best High Oleic Argentinean Peanuts you can source, fire roasted and milled in small batches the very same day, right here in New Zealand. Unlike some other brands which choose to use ‘pre-roasted’ nuts, often roasted overseas up to four months prior. Nut Brothers believe, just like coffee, you can really taste the difference.

So, if you’re nuts about Nut Brothers’ nut-buttery goodness [like we are], you’re going to love this news and want to share it with everyone you can. That’s why we sent you two jars of each. Literally spread the love. And when you run out, you’ll find it in leading supermarkets nationwide, RRP $7.49

It is 100% about authentic, natural taste. Nut Brothers are all about keeping it real and doing things properly. They don’t cut corners and firmly believe you get out what you put in. Whether it’s nut butter, family or a work-out at the gym – the same principle applies.

Nut Brothers is the brain-child of three nut-loving Dads of three; Badey, Grom and Woody –
long-time mates of over 25 years. Kicking things off in a local watering hole one evening in
2014, they all agreed on one thing; New Zealand needs a better nut butter. A natural nut
butter, free from preservatives and additives. A nut butter that only uses the best ingredients and a nut butter that is all about taste. So, they did just that. Nut Brothers was born.
They crafted a nut butter made using the best High Oleic Argentinean Peanuts you can source, roasted and crafted here in New Zealand to ensure a fresher, crunchier and way more flavoursome taste. Once people tried it, they were hooked – word spread like a ‘super
smooth’ nut butter and before you knew it, their jars of goodness were sitting proudly on
shelves of leading retailers nationwide.
The range quickly expanded to include other incredible flavour combinations; Plain Almond
Butter; Almond, Sunflower & Chia; Almond & Sticky Dates; Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate; & Peanut Butter & Smokin’ Chipotle. Keeping fans and foodies eagerly awaiting the next release.

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