A generation of Kiwis will remember Tullen Snips as an indispensable household item, perfect for cutting virtually anything. After a 30 year hiatus, the hard-working snips are cutting their way back into action.

Tullen Snips are a go-to tool for the kitchen draw, classroom, workshop, office, and garden shed with the ability to cut through virtually anything – from paper and fabric to metal and plastic.

Pop them in the kitchen draw and use them for all that painful plastic packaging or to cut your pizza, broccoli or any food items. A pair in the garage is perfect for all your DIY needs, cutting through wire, rope and cardboard. Be a tidy Kiwi and cut your recycling to make sure it’s clean inside. Or, add a pair to the garden shed for all of your pruning and floral needs.
Tullen Snips are at the cutting edge of design for both left and right handed use. Store in your drawer, toolbox or hang in a handy location for your convenience.

Back in their heyday, the snips became a global success with over 20 million Snips being made and 90% being exported to 30 countries and now they’re back! Tullen Snips are available exclusively from tullen.co.nz, for an RRP of $29.90.

Make Christmas present opening a breeze, gardening a joy, and cutting the turkey a pleasure not a chore. The perfect present and essential in every Kiwi home

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