Parents of fussy eaters, lunch-box shunners, busy kids and on-the-go teens now have a naturally delicious way to help their children get the nutrition they need, with the arrival of New Zealand brand Zeapure.

Shake Mix and Smoothie Kick from Zeapure are dairy-based nutrition top-ups specially formulated for young Kiwis, made right here in New Zealand. These new supplemented food products combine the natural goodness of milk with vitamins, minerals and all-natural flavours. The result is delicious dairy-based shakes and smoothies that give kids and teens nutritional support when their minds and bodies need it most.

Developed by a team of food and nutrition experts including ABC Nutrition, Zeapure Shake Mix is made to give children aged 4-13 a nutritional top-up, while Zeapure Smoothie Kick supports the nutritional needs of teens aged 14+.

Zeapure is a brand-new solution to one of the most common issues families face on a daily basis, getting their kids and teens to eat well. It’s one thing to put a good meal on the table or in a lunch box but another thing for it to be eaten.

“While eating a variety of mostly whole and minimally-processed foods is the ideal way to fulfil nutritional needs, it’s not always achievable,” says nutritionist Angela Berrill. “A nutritional top-up helps to fill the gaps for children or teens whose diet may be lacking in essential nutrients, for any number of reasons.”

Formulated with all-natural ingredients and no added sugar or sweeteners, Zeapure products not only taste delicious but tick all the boxes for parents too – and at a similar cost per serve to popular liquid breakfasts that don’t offer the same nutrition.

“Zeapure helps to give parents confidence that they’re providing their children with the nutrition they need to grow, learn and play to their full potential,” says Dave Nicholas, Sales & Marketing Manager of Zeapure.

“As parents ourselves, the Zeapure team has first-hand experience of the challenges of making sure children who may be fussy, busy, or have smaller appetites get all the nutrition they need. So, we set out to create a top-up for kids and teens that provides essential nourishment and tastes great,” Mr Nicholas says.

“During our preliminary research, it was uncovered that up to 60% of families may have a fussy eater in their household, making the need for a product like Zeapure even more clear,” Mr Nicholas adds.

While the problems of fussy eating or busy lifestyles can impact the diets of children of all ages, the two new products from Zeapure are made specially to meet the nutritional needs of two very different ages and stages:

Zeapure Shake Mix (ages 4 – 13)
Zeapure Shake Mix is ideal for growing children aged 4 – 13 who may need a little more nourishment, at any time of the day.
“It can sometimes be tough for children, who are at a stage where they are experiencing rapid growth and development, to get all the nutrients they need,” Angela Berrill says.
As well as important nutrients omega-3 and vitamin D, Zeapure Shake Mix provides:
– Calcium to support strong bones
– Iodine, iron, magnesium and vitamin B12 – important nutrients for brain development and function
– Selenium, zinc, and vitamins A and C for natural immune support

Zeapure Shake Mix is made with all-natural ingredients, no added sugar or sweeteners and is 100% gluten free. It comes in naturally delicious Vanilla and Chocolate flavours and is ideal mixed with milk or water for breakfast, lunch, or after school snacks. Each 375g tub contains 12 serves. With an RRP of $24.99

Zeapure Smoothie Kick (ages 14+)
Between busy lives, food dislikes, small appetites, or reliance on convenience foods, it can be hard for teens to fit in good nutrition.
“Due to having a lot going on, teens may end up skipping meals and then opting for junk foods or products high in sugar to fill the gap, instead of more nutritious options,” says Ms Berrill.

Blended with all-natural ingredients and with no added sugar or sweeteners, Zeapure Smoothie Kick is a great way to add nutrition to any teens’ day. The delicious dairy-based supplemented food can be added to any smoothie, mixed with milk or water, or enjoyed with breakfast cereal and milk.
Zeapure Smoothie Kick contains vital nutrients including:
– Calcium for bone strength
– 34% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of Vitamin D
– Zinc, folate, iodine, vitamin C and B vitamins – for natural cognitive activity
– Iron and thiamine for energy production
– 11g protein per serve for muscle growth and maintenance

Zeapure Smoothie Kick is available in Berry and Vanilla flavours in 375g tubs, each containing 12 serves and has an RRP of $24.99.

Zeapure is available at selected New World and Fresh Choice supermarkets nationwide.

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