Moët Ice Impérial is the first and only champagne especially created to be enjoyed over ice. An innovative champagne experience combining fun, fresh and free sensations while remaining true to the Moët & Chandon style; a style distinguished by its bright fruitiness, its seductive palate and its elegant maturity.

Moët Ice Ritual:
The proper ritual when serving Moët Ice is to pour the champagne into a large cabernet-style glass, then adding the ice (three large cubes) afterwards otherwise it will foam and loose its effervescence. Optional serving idea is to then add your choice of fresh garnishes.

Suggested Garnishes:
Moët Ice can be mixed with garnishes that heighten its freshness and aromatic intensity such as:
• Fresh mint leaves
• Lime or white grapefruit zest
• Cucumber peel
• A very thin slice of ginger
• Cardamom seeds
• Red fruits (strawberries and raspberries)

Tasting notes:
A Dense Colour
• Deep gold with amber highlights

An intense, fruity bouquet
• The powerful aroma of tropical fruits (mango, guava)
• The sumptuousness of stone fruits (nectarine)
• An original note of raspberry

A generous palate combining roundness and freshness
• The broad, fleshy, voluptuousness of fresh fruit salad
• The captivating sweetness of caramel and quince
• The refreshing acidity of grapefruit and ginger notes

The profiles of the wines used in the assemblage have been meticulously selected for their specific contribution:
– Mainly Pinot Noir (40-50%), winey and angular, known for its intense fruitiness as well as for its structure that integrates the dosage
– Pinot Meunier (30-40%), full and fleshy, for a rich and melting sensation in the mid-palate
– Chardonnay (10-20%) for a refreshing finish
– 20 to 30% specially selected reserve wines enhance the assemblage to complete its intensity, richness and constancy.

Dosage: 45g/litre
Maturation in the cellars: 18 months
Ageing after disgorgement: 3 months minimum

Moët Ice Impérial, RRP $69.99,
available from Glengarry, Liquorland and The Good Wine Co.


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