We’re a range of award-winning elegant utensils designed to both perform and stand out in any kitchen.

Made from the finest stainless steel, high temperature silicone and nylon so that we can handle any kitchen. Finished with polished chrome accents, we are real beauties. Not just good looking, we’re built to last with ergonomically designed handles and non-slip grips.

The ClickClack Gadgets range received a prestigious Good Design Award at the 2018 Australian Good Design Awards. Commenting on the gadget range, the Awards Jury said, “A unique design language and highly functional range that stands out in what is a in a very
saturated market segment. This is clearly a designdriven product range.”

Mash it!
Now you can mash it with true style. I’m a stunning utensil with a non-slip handle, durable stainless steel head and my unique design allows you to reach all corners of the pot. Metal Potato Masher $39.99

Measure it!
Don’t keep us in the drawer, we deserve pride of place on the bench. We’re a complete set of spoons and cups elegantly designed with unique magnetic nesting. You’ll find we always measure up. Nesting Measuring Set $29.99

Open it with ease!
Let me open your cans in a jiffy with my sharp, stainless steel blades. You’ll love my comfy, non-slip handles. Can Opener $44.99

Grab it, turn it, scoop it, serve it!
We’re your essential and elegant kitchen utensils with sturdy nylon heads heat resistant up to 200°C/390°F. Our comfortable ergonomic handles make us a pleasure to use. My handle and heat don’t get on, please don’t leave me in a pan or pot whilst cooking as melting may occur. Ouch! Nylon Ladle $19.99 Nylon Spoon $19.99 Nylon Slotted Turner $19.99

ClickClack Gadgets available from Briscoes online and instore nationwide.

ClickClack is an iconic New Zealand company dedicated to producing stylish and incredibly helpful kitchenware. If it’s durable, good-looking and practical, it’s ClickClack!


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