In an ode to busy urbanites, 1Above has launched premium artesian water for a limited time only – a game changer to complement busy lifestyles and summer road trips.

1Above, New Zealand’s leading performance hydration company, has collaborated with Waiheke Water to launch its newest product: Artesian Water.

The premium bottled water is drawn straight from ancient aquifers deep below the offshore paradise of Waiheke Island, resulting in naturally soft and pH neutral water to perfectly match your body’s pH. Pure water, perfect balance.

With an average age of 175 years, 1Above’s Artesian Water pre-­dates atmospheric pollution created by the use of CFCs, making it the purest available and far superior to both spring and tap water.

Perfect for busy health-­conscious urbanites seeking water with an edge, or everyday Kiwis heading away on summer road trips, 1Above’s new Artesian Water is naturally alkaline and filtered under high pressure through rock and sand, sterilized using UV light and has no added minerals or chemical treatments.

The latest addition to 1Above’s portfolio joins its existing innovative travel recovery tablets and drinks, everyday recovery drinks, and its newly-­launched everyday effervescent tablets.

The new 1Above Artesian Water comes in a 750ml bottle, with cases of 12 available. This exciting new product can be found at BP Connect stations nationwide and 1Above kiosk at the Auckland International Airport and is available until the end of February 2019.

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