The Philips design team engineers and manufactures functional and compact design that fits with any style kitchen, accommodating food preparation and cooking to suit all lifestyles and taste buds. Food brings us together and solidifies the connection we have with others which is now made even easier with Philips Kitchen Appliances.

The Philips Premium Collection Multicooker

Enjoying healthy quality meals whilst living a busy lifestyle is something that should be easy, but we all know that work and busy schedules can get the better of us; typically the result can end up being ‘beans on toast’ or fast food. The Philips Premium Collection Multicooker will give you back control with the ability to cook wholesome, nutritious food in minutes from the comfort of your own kitchen.

The Philips Premium Collection Multicooker has been designed with versatility top of mind when cooking for one or family-size. By selecting the pressure cook function, you can create the perfect meal in a shorter amount of time, with no compromise on nutrition; slow cook to create melt-in-the mouth tenderness; sauté to enhance flavours and use the multi-cook function to bake or steam your ingredients.

With the Premium Collection Multicooker you can easily create any meal and cuisine, from casseroles, risottos, lasagne to desserts and even yoghurt, yes, yoghurt. A reduce function allows for the creation of thick flavoursome sauces, broths and soups in one simple push of a button. Using a dual control system, the all-in-one 6 litre capacity, Premium Collection Multicooker controls the temperature and reduces heating fluctuation by 50%, so that a variety of ingredients are cooked to perfection.

Unlike traditional pressure cookers where you usually had to put all your ingredients in at the same time, the Premium Collection Multicooker allows you to add delicate ingredients at different times to gradually build flavours with the ‘add ingredient’ function. The result is tenderized meat and perfectly cooked vegetables. For those that need to eat later, the auto Keep Warm function will keep food warm for up to 12 hours after cooking finishes, so you can avoid using a microwave to re-heat food.

With the belief that healthy and tasty food should be an easy choice and convenient to prepare to fit today’s busy lifestyle, the Premium Collection Multicooker features a recipe book that highlights exactly what the kitchen appliance is capable of. Packed with 50 recipes to explore all-year round, such as pumpkin and coconut soups, cinnamon apple breakfast polenta, ricotta dumplings with rich chicken broth, strawberry jam, rich dark chocolate fudge cake and coconut yogurt. The ‘My Favourite’ button allows you to save three of your favourite cooking programs so you can repeat your favourite dishes with ease.

The Philips Avance Airfryer XXL

Homemade food has the power to nourish like nothing else, giving us control over the ingredients we use and therefore the quality of our meals. Entertaining and creative; food brings people together, the challenge is to make tasty cuisine that is both healthy and low fat. Philips introduce a new concept to redefine cooking and cuisine, where you can use much less oil and fat with no compromise on appearance, taste and texture; the Avance Airfryer XXL.

The original rapid air innovation combined with new Twin TurboStar technology circulates hot air throughout the Philips Avance Airfryer XXL quickly and efficiently, to create crisp as deep fried with little or no oil. With the Philips Avance Airfryer XXL technology, fat is extracted from food while still sealing in the juices and flavours, any excess fat is captured in a fat reducer located at the bottom. The result is mouthwatering, perfectly baked, grilled, roasted or fried food, flawless on the outside and tender on the inside.

Because Philips believe in creating products that elevate people and the planet, the Philips Avance Airfyer XXL has been crafted to be a multi-purpose appliance with bake, grill and roasts functions that will have anyone frying, roasting or grilling to baking sweet and savoury delights. Meat, fish, vegetables to baking muffins and cakes the Avance Airfyer XXL allows anyone to cook a variety of foods from the kitchen benchtop, with the luxury of knowing that frying with air will also save the cooking space from traditional odours that come with shallow and deep frying.

The sleek, compact and stylish appliance has convenience in mind with a digital timer, taking away the stress of standing over an appliance, instead creating great tasting meals with up to 90% less fat than other deep fried foods. With a QuickClean non-stick mesh basket to make cleaning up a breeze, a Keep Warm function, an easy-to-use Quick Control dial that sets both temperature and cooking time, the Avance Airfryer XXL does it all.

With the belief that healthy and tasty food should be an easy choice, the Philips NutriU app is also available for download and is full of recipes, personal recommendations, tips and tricks on how to use the Avance Airfyer XXL.

Philips suits all individual cooking needs and preferences so everyone can experience healthy and happy living – that Philips feeling!

Philips Kitchen Appliances are available from Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman, Farmers, Heathcote Appliances, 100% and JB HiFi.

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