A glass of wine at home or night out with friends is more appealing than a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner according to Toi Toi Wines survey.

According to Toi Toi Wines, one of New Zealand’s best-known family owned wine brands, millennial Kiwis are choosing to forego romantic cards, dinners and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. In fact, many of them are planning on hanging out with their friends instead.

There were more than 650 responses to a nationwide survey organised by Toi Toi, which asked New Zealanders whether they would be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year.

The majority of those aged 40 years and over said that while they thought Valentine’s Day was overrated (63 percent), they would still be making an effort to buy their partner a gift or enjoy a romantic night together. Forty-seven percent will be heading out for an evening meal, 37 percent will treat their significant other to chocolates, 32 percent will have a cosy night in with a bottle of wine and 12 percent will go and see a movie at the local cinema.

However, the response was quite different among 23-38 year olds. Seventy-five percent of Kiwi millennials will not be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a partner (regardless of whether they are attached or single). Twenty-six percent don’t have any plans at all. However, 34 percent will be indulging in some “me time”, while 40 percent are choosing to spend quality time with their friends instead.

Comments included:

I arrange the day with my single friends. We go to the cinema and then eat out. It makes us feel like we can celebrate without the fuss and disappointment of not having a special someone.

I don’t have any plans this year. My friends and I avoid going out around this time because it’s over-crowded and expensive.

I spend time with my friends and family and have a big dinner or lunch. If we are all working, we catch up after work.

It’s a bit rubbish for singles. A girl or guys-based event or service could thrive on the single business on Valentine’s Day.

I’m staying in and will treat myself to a pampering face mask, bath and chocolates.

“We ran the survey as we know that increasing numbers of our customers are from that younger, millennial age-group. We want to know more about them, what they’re enjoying and what makes them tick,” explains Samantha Joyce, Toi Toi Sales & Marketing Manager.

“The survey results back up what we already assumed – that they are exploring new ways to enjoy special days. Even though many of them aren’t keen on celebrating Valentine’s Day in a traditional sense, they still see it as an opportunity to treat themselves to something or go out with friends.”

When asked what they didn’t like about Valentine’s Day, 60 percent of the millennials that responded said that it’s overly commercial and a money making exercise for brands. Twenty-percent said it’s too expensive, 18 percent don’t like it because they’re single, 10 percent said that we shouldn’t be restricted to just one day where love and romance is celebrated, and 6 percent simply don’t believe in it.

Family owned by Kevin and Sara Joyce, Toi Toi Wines, (pronounced Toy Toy), is inspired by New Zealand’s natural beauty and awe-inspiring flora and fauna. The brand creates quality, distinctive New Zealand wines by sourcing premium varietals from the regions in which they are most renowned, such as Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Central Otago Pinot Noir.

Toi Toi recently launched Toi Toi 8.5, its first low-alcohol wine in a can just in time for the summer and festival season. The award-winning, family owned New Zealand brand developed the slim line Sauvignon Blanc in response to growing customer demand for conveniently packaged, naturally lower alcohol drinks.


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