Luxury Italian beer Peroni is set to take over both on and off the polo field at this year’s Land Rover NZ Polo Open, with its own team to play off for the title in an exclusive locally-designed uniform, as well as premium entertaining areas from which guests can watch the polo action.

For the first time, Peroni is sponsoring its own polo team; comprised of highly-experienced players Craig Wilson, Tommy Wilson, James Worker, and young Australian talent Lachie Gilmore, Team Peroni will provide thrilling on-field action as they compete for one of the nation’s most sought-after trophies. The talented foursome will make fierce competition for the local and international polo talent competing this year.

Based around four to six seven-minute ‘chukkas’, the game is played at pace. Each player has between four and ten ponies, which are rotated throughout the game. The combination of expert horsemanship, mallets and flying balls provides for a spectacular spectator sport. With Peroni synonymous with Italian flair, uncompromised craftsmanship, and tradition, it is the perfect match with the fast-paced, passionate and historic sport that is polo.

Peroni Ambassador Admir Mullaaliu says, “Dating back to 1963, Peroni is a brand steeped in tradition – and with polo thought to be one of the oldest and most prestigious sports in the world, we’re excited to be aligning with the Land Rover NZ Polo Open to celebrate the tradition of this sport in a modern context.”

Off the field, the Peroni Lawn will be at the centre of the day’s action. Set at the base of the famous Polo Hill, the Peroni Lawn is the main bar for finals day, offering premium views of the on-field action and cold Peroni on tap to keep guests suitably watered between chukkas. The location will also be the place to be following official festivities, with the George FM Afterparty kicking off on the Peroni Lawn from 5pm.

“The Polo Open is fast becoming summer’s most anticipated social event, and we’re thrilled to be a big part of it this year. A crisp cold Peroni and exciting polo action – what could be better!” says Admir.

To dress Team Peroni, Peroni has partnered with talented, up-and-coming New Zealand designer Samuel Hickey, with an exclusive team uniform created by the founder of subscription-based men’s clothing service Asuwere to be sported by the team during play.

Bringing style firmly onto the polo field, Samuel has taken inspiration from the unrivalled Italian craftsmanship and flair of Italy’s number one premium beer, as well as the Peroni Nastro Azzurro label – with ‘Nastro Azzurro’ translating to ‘blue ribbon’ – to come up with the chic, clean lines of Team Peroni’s new polo shirt design.

The Land Rover NZ Polo Open is set to be held at the stunning Auckland Polo Club, 102 Clevedon-Kawakawa Road, Clevedon on Saturday 23rd February 2019. Members of the public can purchase tickets to watch Team Peroni in action from the Peroni Lawn here.

Polo 101:
Chukka: Seven-minute long slot of play time. Each polo game consists of four to six chukkas.
Divots: Segments of polo field surface upturned during play. Guests are welcomed to stomp the divots back into place at specific moments throughout the day to prepare the surface for the next game.
Handicap: Similar to golf, each player has a handicap ranging from -2 to 10. 10 is the best possible handicap, though rarely achieved.
Polo pony: Though technically horses rather than ponies, player mounts are typically referred to as ‘polo ponies’.
Mallet: The mallet is carried by the players and used to hit the ball to score goals. Often casually referred to as a ‘stick’ by players.
Ride-off: Riders can ‘ride-off’ or push each other’s ponies up against each other to drive one another off the line of the ball.

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