Finding a great-tasting muesli bar with less than a teaspoon of sugar has always been a
challenge, until now. New Mother Earth Better Bars are an innovative muesli bar offering that not only taste delicious, but each bar has less than a teaspoon of sugar. Better yet, they’re a great option for the whole family, with three delicious flavours everyone will love.

Mother Earth has created Better Bars using plant-based chicory root fibre in the unique recipe, a natural ingredient that can be used to reduce some of the added sugar or syrups traditionally used to bind muesli bars. The addition of chicory root fibre in the new Better Bars means each bar has 3.3g or less of total sugars, which is less than a teaspoon.*

With no artificial sweeteners or stevia, Mother Earth Better Bars are a great way for the family to snack better. The new muesli bars are made in New Zealand and feature plant-based ingredients such as oats, chicory root fibre, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and puffed sorghum. Better by nature, Mother Earth Better Bars are also a source of fibre, are low in sodium and have a 4.5 Health Star Rating.

“We’re proud to bring New Zealanders a new muesli bar option that ticks the boxes when it
comes to sugar content, flavour and convenience for the whole family,” says Mother Earth
Senior Brand Manager, Julia Turner.

Dietitian and CEO of the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation, Sarah Hanrahan, says the kind
of innovation Mother Earth has made with Better Bars is positive. “It’s great to see a new
product in the snack aisle of the supermarket featuring wholegrains and reduced amounts of added sugar,” she says.

Mother Earth Better Bars are available in three yummy flavours, each made to tempt the taste buds with delicious ingredients and no artificial colours or flavours. Chocolate Berry Better Bars are made with genuine dark chocolate and flavoursome mixed berry pieces,
Caramel Flavour Better Bars feature an enticing caramel flavoured chocolate, and Raspberry Better Bars are made with tasty raspberry fruit pieces.

Voted the Reader’s Digest most trusted brand by New Zealanders in the Muesli Bar & Snack
Bars category in 2018,** Mother Earth has made the new Better Bars range with the whole
family in mind. They’re a great lunch box bar for the kids, a perfect desk drawer snack for the 3pm slump at work, or a handy choice for anyone on the go.

Mother Earth Better Bars are available in leading supermarkets nationwide.
RRP $3.99 per box (includes 6 x 30g bars).

References: * Sivakumaran, Subathira. The Concise New Zealand Food Composition Tables, 12th Edition 2016, The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited and Ministry of Health, 2017.
**Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Survey 2018

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