Wild Turkey Launches Collaboration with Matthew McConaughey – Introducing Wild Turkey Longbranch.

Collaborations are all the rage at the moment but few will go down smoother than Wild Turkey’s new match-up with Matthew McConaughey.

Wild Turkey Longbranch is a coming together of the Kentucky bourbon distiller, established in 1855, and the Academy Award winning actor from Texas.

Inspired by Matthew’s Southern roots, Longbranch is made with eight-year-old Wild Turkey Bourbon and uses a two-step charcoal filtration method using woods from both U.S. states.

The result is a bright gold bourbon that features a tasty balance of vanilla and spices, with a subtle, smoky finish.

“Longbranch, in its simplest form, is an extended hand, inviting a friend into your family,’ McConaughey says, who has been working with Wild Turkey master distiller Eddie Russell since 2016 . “So the branch that was extended to me from the Russell family was a long one, one that reached from Kentucky to Texas and back again.”

Wild Turkey Longbranch is available from liquor stores nationwide. RRP $59.99.



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