Challenging the throwaway mindset, sustainable and reusable brand, SoL is providing Kiwis
with an alternative to single-use products. Known for its iconic hand-blown glass and plasticfree reusable cups, bottles and straws, SoL is passionate about creating a better and more positive world through reducing waste and inspiring those with its passion to stop plastic production.

After a life-changing year overcoming an autoimmune disease and health obstacles, in 2016 Bondi local, Rebecca Veksler fused her passion for inspiring people with her love for business to launch a product that she believed in. Committed to making a reusable cup that was plastic-free and non-compromising to your health, SoL was born.

In a stand against the single-use product market and building its #SoLmate community,
Founder and Managing Director of SoL, Rebecca Veksler, comments on her motive to create
take anywhere glass products, “Over the years my family and I have faced numerous health challenges, mainly around an autoimmune disease. SoL was created as a platform to share my family’s knowledge and passion for health.

“We’ve done extensive research about the harmful impact of plastic-use on the human body and environment, so we want to share these harsh facts with as many people as possible through our products.”

With a desire for a holistic coffee cup that was health conscious, safe for the environment and a leading lifestyle product, SoL released its first 12oz reusable coffee cup. In a life that is too short to drink bad coffee, SoL Cups provide purity of taste through its hand-blown glass that prevents the absorption of residual tastes, odours and germs while preventing the leach of chemicals that are known to be endocrine disruptors in the body.

Since its launch, the brand has expanded its offering to include 8oz and 16oz coffee cups with customisable lids and sleeves, a drink bottle and accessories including a straw kit, a waterproof pouch to prevent coffee cup spillages in handbags, fabric tote bags and has more exciting products in the pipeline this year.

In a movement towards decreasing plastic production, SoL’s mission is to end single-use
plastics. As a nation, Kiwis go through over 295 million takeaway coffee cups a year, of which most can’t be recycled. Adding to this global waste, Kiwis also consume 200 million plastic straws on average annually, which have been found to stay in our oceans for up to 200 years.

Changing the world one cup at a time, Rebecca continues, “If we as an industry, and as a
global movement stop producing non-recyclable plastic, then maybe we can start innovating how we tackle existing landfill waste, instead of adding to it. We don’t need any more shortterm solutions which is why it’s SoL’s goal to be part of the solution and not the problem.”

The brand’s positive vision for the environment and its position as a leading fashion and lifestyle brand is injected in the design of the cups, with the logo symbolising the sun (‘sol’ in Spanish) and the signature zigzag pattern reflecting the ocean waves of Bondi beach.

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