Made from 100 percent fruit and nothing else, new Nibblish baked fruit snacks are gently baked at very low temperatures for 20 hours.

By picking perfectly ripe fruit and slow baking it the same day, there’s no need for any nonsense like preservatives or added sugar. What’s more, the fruit – whole strawberries, pineapple, mango and organic banana pieces – stays juicy and packed full of flavour and nutrients.

Gluten free and vegan friendly, the convenient resealable pouch makes them ideal for munching on the move. Take them to work, pop them in your handbag, or add to kids’ lunchboxes.

With a background in elite sport, founder Matthew Bennett cared about what he put in his body, and when his daughter developed severe food allergies, finding the right foods for his family became even more important.

Healthy, tasty and convenient snacking was a sticking point, especially dried fruit which often comes loaded with added sugar and preservatives like sulphites.

Experimenting at home, it wasn’t long before Matthew found the answer. By slowly baking the fruit, he could lock in all the nutrients, taste and juiciness without all the added nonsense.

Word soon got out and it wasn’t long before demand for these delicious and nutritious snacks outgrew the local farmers market.

Today the little Hawkes Bay company works with fruit farmers around the world to source the best in-season fruit, and is helping change lives for the better by providing a much-needed source of income to hundreds of families in developing countries. Ten percent of the company’s profit is also donated to New Zealand charities.

Look for Nibblish in the dried fruit aisle of your supermarket – even though it’s baked, not dried! RRP $4.20. Ranged in all good Countdowns, New Worlds, Pak ‘n Saves and Four Squares nationwide.

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