Nespresso has launched two new Limited Edition coffees: Café Istanbul and Caffè Venezia – each inspired by the world’s first coffee houses of the 1500s and 1700s. Taking influence from the lively ambience and creative atmospheres of these societal hubs and the coffee that was served within them, the two coffees have been expertly crafted and are designed to transport coffee lovers back in time through their exotic and intense flavours.

Considered the gateway from Asia to Europe, Istanbul is a melting pot of colliding cultures, flavours, tastes and ideas. With no printing press, Istanbul was home to the world’s first recorded coffee house, which opened in Constantinople in 1555. These early coffee houses were the mouthpiece of the city – where wild and rich theories were challenged and coffee was the natural elixir. Venice has always been the creative pioneer of Europe. Home to the world’s longest running coffee house – Caffè Florian, which has operated for the past 287 years – the city embraces the arts, music and experimentation, and Venetian coffee houses were a place to convene and collaborate.

With distinct spicy notes of black pepper, Café Istanbul will appeal to those who enjoy intense coffees. Caffè Venezia, with its elegant and delicate profile, is a punchy and exotic coffee that will appeal to floral and fruity coffee lovers. Milky coffee loving Kiwis will enjoy Caffè Venezia as a Latte Macchiato.

Nespresso New Zealand Country Manager John Ciaglia says, “Once synonymous with slowing down, socialising and creativity, drinking coffee is now seen as an on-the-go necessity. Inspired by how coffee was originally enjoyed, our latest coffees are designed to transport Kiwis to the vibrant atmospheres of the very first coffee houses and we encourage you take your time with them. Savour and appreciate the coffees’ distinct flavours and enjoy with friends and family.”

Nespresso collaborated with UK artist and graphic designer Richard Kingston of Young Rascal to develop the Limited Edition coffees’ packaging, evocative of the origins of each variety. Based near Bristol, Richard’s work spans across design, animation, sculpture and art, and is quirky and engaging. With intricate design and bold colours reminiscent of Istanbul and Venice, the packaging is as bespoke as the coffees themselves.

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