All water is not created equal which sits at the heart of new water brand WaiLife, who has just launched New Zealand’s most pristine bottled water.

WaiLife produces a range of premium natural New Zealand structured alkaline artesian water, lab tested with an alkalinity of between pH9.6 and pH10.

WaiLife’s incredibly high alkalinity is due to it filtering through rock beds deep beneath New Zealand’s mineral rich land.

100% natural and produced in Auckland, WaiLife infusions use only organic ingredients with no artificial processes or preservatives to enhance its flavours or pH Level.

Founder and managing director Bari Samadi, who comes from an engineering background before venturing into the health industry seven years ago, says WaiLife was created in response to the ‘shocking’ water options available in the market, and a more general response to so many unhealthy alternatives.

“They tell you to chug back water but what they don’t tell you is the water you’re drinking is not doing you any favours. All waters are not equal and that is what we’re here to educate the public about. The type of water and even the container it comes in is affecting everything in your body.

“WaiLife is living water. This means it interacts with everything in its immediate environment. Unlike other acidic bottled waters or waters pumped with sugars and other artificial ingredients, WaiLife’s fully recyclable BPA free plastic bottle has to be protected by a cardboard cylinder to prevent the sun’s UV rays from altering its chemical structure.

“It is shocking that the world’s largest corporations make their billions off of water that is completely acidic and terrible for your health. We have no qualms about being tested. Put our water next to anyone’s and ours will win the alkalinity test.

“It’ll even convert the other water to be more alkaline if left in a glass next to each other overnight. Don’t believe us? Test it out for yourself.”

WaiLife’s range includes several infusions with organic ingredients that are globally recognized for their key health benefits, which Samadi says he cannot put on the packaging because of regulatory laws.

The alkalinity of WaiLife water is a result of natural minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which the body is capable of absorbing per its needs and discarding or storing excess.

“First we want to educate the public. No, water is not just water. Drinking just any water isn’t simply good for you and last but not least, don’t believe anything we say – do your own research.” Samadi says.

RRP $5.99

Drinking high alkaline (pH9.6) WaiLife water daily is an easy and enjoyable way to add alkalinity to your daily food and drink intake. Pure Natural structured alkaline water has disease fighting antioxidant properties that help by counteracting free radicals. These free radicals can cause premature aging and other types of conditions.

The antioxidants are in liquid form which allows for quicker absorption into our system. Some research suggests alkaline water for drinking have certain elements that may aid in fighting cancer.

RRP $10.99

Saffron (crocus sativus) is currently the world’s most expensive spice and originated in Persia over 3000 years ago. Saffron is regarded highly for its enriching benefits.
Saffron Infused with WaiLife’s structured alkaline pH9.6 artesian water is a natural organic vitamin beverage. Saffron is regarded highly for its many health benefits and high in antioxidants. It is known to promote:

  • Physical health benefits
  • Respiratory health benefits
  • Mental health benefits
  • Hormonal health benefits

RRP $6.99

WaiLife Infused with organic rose is fragrant and fresh with enriching benefits. Enjoy the fresh yet subtle scent, and truly amazing taste of this gorgeous water.
Rose water is said to contain various vitamins such as A, C, E, and B.
Rose water is designed to:

  • Hydrate the skin from within
  • Known to have anti-aging properties that help with reducing wrinkles and tightening pores by improving skin hydration.


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