The Premium Liquor Co. and Good Buzz have partnered together to launch New Zealand’s
first ever 100% natural, Kombucha-infused, clean vodka, Happy Booch.
Available now from Liquor Stores nationwide, Happy Booch has been crafted to offer Kiwis
an alternative alcoholic beverage that’s made from 100% natural ingredients, is naturally low in sugar and contains the added goodness of Good Buzz Kombucha.

This is Premium Liquor’s third edition to the low sugar, ready to drink market, following the
successful launches of Sundown and Hint over the past 18 months.

Happy Booch is available in a four pack in the following three flavours:
• Raspberry Lemon (4.5% ABV), RRP $15.99
• Pineapple Mango (4.5% ABV), RRP $15.99
• Lemon Ginger (4.5% ABV), RRP $15.99

Hamish Gordon, Premium Liquor Founder, says:
“There has been huge growth for Kombucha-based beverages, both in New Zealand and around the world and we’re thrilled to be part of this journey, collaborating with Kombucha aficionados, Good Buzz, to launch Happy Booch.
“Both our businesses are very much aligned. We share the same passions and values in
what we’re aiming to achieve – creating innovative beverages that are made from natural
ingredients, are naturally lower in sugar and are made in New Zealand.”

“As the first charcoal-filtered premium vodka-based Kombucha to launch in New Zealand,
those lucky enough to try Happy Booch can rest assured they are drinking the cleanest
vodka infused with the best quality Kombucha.”

“That’s because each bottle of Happy Booch contains vodka that is made from pure New
Zealand water and whey that’s been triple-distilled, contains no additives, is gluten and GMO free and is then charcoal-filtered to remove any impurities. The Kombucha is also naturally fermented and brewed in the most traditional form.”

So, whether you’re already a kombucha convert or are totally new to the good stuff, find your happy place this Summer with Happy Booch!

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