The hallmark of Hummingbird Coffee Roasters strong rapport is good roasting and blending; delivering the highest-quality coffee every time, with no compromises.

Presenting their latest seasonal blend, Harvest – Hummingbird Coffee highlights their specialty grade coffee through this complex and distinct limited time offering.

As new season origins land from around the globe, Harvest is blended to showcase new season coffees, and varietal changes throughout the year.

Unlike other blends, Harvest changes completely each season to deliver a distinctively memorable coffee that captures the harvesting regions best coffee profile.

Bursting with flavour from the most recent arrival of organically sourced green coffee beans from East Africa, and heavily weighted towards Ethiopian, Harrar.

The blend dotes a beautiful, naturally processed coffee; with its heavy body, hints of chocolate and sweet, subtle berries.

Like all Hummingbird blends, specialty roasters tweak roast profiles and percentages of single origins in the blend compositions to ensure a consistency of flavour, and great taste.

Each origin is roasted before blending to ensure the right balance is achieved – guaranteeing the right amount of sugar whilst maintaining its bold, natural character.

Described by Hummingbird Coffee founder Nick Cowper, as a “distinctive memorable blend that stands out from the rest, as a true specialty grade coffee”, Harvest is subtle for multiple brew methods, and extremely well balanced with a strong body, chocolate notes, and sweetness.

Directly sourced, specialty grade, organic then blended by hand; Harvest blend stands out from its counterparts.


A specialty coffee company.
For almost 30 years, Hummingbird has been a roastery built on the shoulders of committed people – from crop, to cup. It’s the commitment and passion that’s led the brand to all four corners of the world, sourcing beans over a handshake and supporting a community of growers they know and trust.
This has driven Hummingbird Coffee to be dedicated to taking the hard road, whether it’s taking time to build relationships with farmers or selecting our beans by hand. It’s the personal touch that produces distinctive, memorable coffees in every roast and blend.
Distinctive memorable blends that stand out from the rest – Hummingbird Coffee has no compromise when it comes to delivering the highest quality.

On a mission to minimise impact on the planet, Hummingbird Coffee Roasters is conscious of making the best choices for the environment – the business is run as sustainably as possible and is continually innovating to shrink the environmental footprint.

As the first company to directly import fair trade organic coffees into New Zealand to later becoming 100% certified organic, Hummingbird Coffee Roasters are an ever-evolving coffee company that’s always looking for new innovation in flavour, origin bean sourcing, all the way to the machines and grinders they make their coffee with.

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